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Happy reading

Momentous Firsts!

By Karen Offord

30th June 2014

The Greatest Relationship 
You Will Ever Have

By Karen Offord

7th July 2014

Noooo! Not Sunday Night

By Karen Offord

20th July 2014


By Karen Offord

3rd August 2014

The Lighthouse

A special message of encouragement through grief.

By Karen Offord

10th August 2014

Within Everyone is a Book

By Karen Offord

18th August 2014

The Golden Buddha

By Karen Offord

26th August 2014

Share What Makes You Smile
For a Great Cause :)

Please join me in doing something that only takes a moment but can change a life and make a wonderful difference :)

By Karen Offord

31st August 2014

Happy Days

"Happy Fathers Day"

By Karen Offord

7th September 2014

A Journey of a Different Kind

By Karen Offord

15th September 2014

Keep it Simple & Sweet

By Karen Offord

21st September 2014

Time Out

By Karen Offord

28th September 2014

If you see someone without a smile...
Give them one of yours!

By Karen Offord

5th October 2014

Words of Wisdom

By Karen Offord

12th October 2014

A Morning of a Million Emotions

By Karen Offord

20th October 2014

A Simple Question
A Personal Challenge
A Powerful Shift

By Karen Offord

26th October 2014

What You Find
Everyplace You Go

By Karen Offord

4th November 2014

The Greatest Investment

By Karen Offord

9th November 2014

Plant Good Seeds

By Karen Offord

16th November 2014

The Wonderful Dr Suess

By Karen Offord

23rd November 2014

When you're tired of reading
how everyone else did it!

By Karen Offord

30th November 2014

Breaking News

By Karen Offord

10th December 2014

T'is the Season to be Jolly!

By Karen Offord

21st December 2014

T'was the night before Christmas

By Karen Offord

24th December 2014

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones xxx 
May yours be filled with family, friends, love and joy.

Happy New Year
to You

By Karen Offord

31st December 2014

May you have an amazing New Year’s Eve, filled with love, family and friends. May you reflect positively and lovingly on all that you learnt, experienced and achieved through 2014.
May you be filled with excitement and possibility for creating an amazing 2015

I look forward to sharing with you in the New Year xxx

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