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BLOG by Karen Offord

10th December 2014

Personally I don't watch the news. It's a debatable topic. Honestly if it's that important I'll hear about it. Many would agree with me but just as many would be mortified and think ignorance, among other words. You should, you shouldn't, why, why not - it's a choice were all free to make.

When it comes to the collective consciousness I believe the news just feeds ones fears and has too many people 'together' saying and thinking "the world is full of pain, drama and suffering, everywhere you turn" & the classic from our older fearful generation “I'm glad I won't be around because it's only going to get worse". So guess what these people all notice? All the negative stuff, all the 'worst'.

So I propose the more useful, helpful thing to do (besides not watching, but that's just my opinion) would be to tune into your own personal breaking news. Becoming aware of what you focus on, what you share and the effect it has on you and those around you.

What would you share at 6:00 each night if you had to present the evening news all about you and your immediate world?

What would stand out? What would be the cover story? How would you wrap it up? Would it be featured on 60 minutes later?

Before I move on, let's give it a try! 

“Good evening Australia this is Karen Offord reporting to you live from the wonderful City of Sydney; full of beauty, history, adventure and fun.
In the news tonight…
I've just finished making a fabulous meal for my family for dinner tonight (it's in the oven, they'll love it). Today was a great day. I learnt, I shared, I loved, I helped, I accomplished. I enjoyed and embraced each moment. It rained with dark cloud coverage but it was peaceful. I love the rain as much as the sunshine. Tomorrow I look forward to sharing a wonderful, exciting new project I'm working on! Till then, stop everything for a moment and give all the people you love a hug! If there not near you send them your love in thought. Enjoy the rest of your night!” 

I've kept it brief to show you what I mean - here's a re-run of my news 10 years ago

“Good evening Australia this is Karen Offord reporting to you live from Sydney
In the news tonight…
I struggled to get up this morning as I lay in bed worrying about a couple of large bills I had to pay. The lady down the road's sister’s niece’s boyfriend was mugged last night, he's ok but I worry if something really bad might happen oh gosh what would I do? It was super-hot today, I'm tired, sweaty, I hate this! Tomorrow will be the same old same old! I'm going to bed, my head hurts, it's very stressful” (I would have shared this news without much thought; to my family, friends and work colleges).

Our thoughts and our focus create our experiences. When where not aware or conscious of them it’s easy to be swept up in the drama, misery and heartache that can easily be found in this life even though at the same time there are countless blessings, wonder and beauty to be found. Be honest with yourself and take a look at your own news. It could very well provide you with insight into experiences and events in your life and lead you to rethink what your focus is.

How does 'the news about you' make you feel?
Does it inspire?
Is it a heart-warming; rescue the kitten out of the tree story?
Is it unimportant and merely generating unnecessary stress for you and others?
Is it an important issue that you need to seek help with so you can positively and productively move forward instead of suffering, worrying?  (Help is always available - no matter what you face - if you actively seek it)

I know many will continue to watch the news, it's a free country but take the time to look at your own. If you think it won't make a difference remember; "one raindrop raises the sea" (James Gurney) - allow yourself to fill up with goodness, hope, love and joy, rather than heartache, drama or misery. For if each of us focused on changing our own breaking news (what we focus on and what we share with those around us) not only could we increase personal happiness but the world will be brighter, lighter for it - collectively.

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