Meet Karen Offord

I am the mother of two wonderful sons, partner to a wonderful, loving man (aka; my soul mate) & carer of the sweetest little cat Angel.

A Published Author, Women's Empowerment Coach & Professional Counsellor with Accreditations in NLP, Energy Healing, Telephone Counselling & Business Management. 

And founder of the Beautiful Facebook Group; Personal Development for Women, with over 10,000 beautiful Women from around the world.

I am a lover of exploring the outdoors, reading & writing in a world of endless inspiration!

Since as early as my 20's I have had an interest in the dynamics of relationships; the relationship we have with ourselves and the relationship we have with others; our children, partners, parents, family, friends and associates. I have travelled through a number of divorces, watching my parents (my mum & dad, mum & step dad) then two divorces of my own; something I felt guilt & shame over for a long time. Having experienced the pain & drama of a number of divorces through much of my life, not just my own or my parents but many others, I dedicated myself to learning & understanding as much as I could to bring about a positive change, initially for my own life and then developing a deep desire to help others.

I am the business owner of Love the Life You Live Counselling & Coaching Services, Personal Development for Life (my website) and a magnificent Facebook group Personal Development for Women - Awaken Your Best Self with over 10,000 beautiful members worldwide. In 2014 I published my first book Dare to Dream – Your Journey of a Lifetime, and 2015, released my second book "How to Love the Life You Live Now". With 2 more books currently in progress; "Dare to Dream 2 - To Action" and "The Flip Side". I am very excited about both these projects and will keep you posted!

I have learnt much throughout my life and I look forward to sharing it with you throughout the website. I encourage you to take full advantage of the wonderful pages throughout so that you may grow in love, and experience the beauty of the life that surrounds you, the pure happiness and love that comes from within & the magnificent creator you are.

Accreditations - Business - Community

Founder of PD for Women - VIP Membership Program
Helping women Awaken their best self & transform their lives

Founder of 'Personal Development - Awaken You Best Self' Facebook group. With over 10,000 beautiful Women from around the World. This is a space for Women to grow, learn, inspire, be inspired, connect, contribute & become their most beautiful authentic selves.

Owner; Love the Life You Live Coaching & Counselling 2012 - Current
ABN: 95 050 346 028

NLP Academy Australia
Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming 2016

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
Diploma of Professional Counselling 2011

Advanced Study Major in Relationship Counselling & Conflict Resolution 2011
Advanced Study Major in Child Development & Effective Parenting 2011

Lifeline Australia; Crises Support / Suicide Prevention
Advanced Training / Volunteer; Telephone Counselling 2011

Level 1 - Darlius Energy Healing 2010

Certificate 4 Small Business Management 2010

Creator & Facilitator of 'Womens Walk & Talk 2016 - 2019
A fun, free meetup group for Women to walk & talk about life, Love & happiness

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