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Did you know; you feel what you focus on & thoughts become things !

Two very simple statements but more powerful than I can ever express. My life experience has proven this more times than I can count, personally & professionally but it is the science, neuroscience, quantum physics that show the undeniable proof. Experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton PH.D, Louise Hay, just to name a few, have been writing, sharing, lecturing for many years on this incredible field of awareness, brain re-wiring & the power we hold to shift our experiences, create & live to our greatest potential. I encourage you to visit their websites or look them up on youtube. 

But right now it's all about fun & feeling good! 

Which the more you research & understand you will see how important that alone is in your overall health & well being & life creation.

These 'Feel Good' prints were created to inspire & shift your focus to thoughts of Love & Joy & to Feeling Good!

Brighten up your office or space in your home where you'll see it regularly, allowing your focus to shift to beautiful thoughts, to feel good thoughts, to thoughts that inspire you to grow & appreciate & see all the Love & Joy that lives within you, that surrounds you & is abundant in our world when we are open to seeing & feeling it.

We miss so much because our focus is more often on problems, drama, fear, stress, overwhelm & worry & these states of being will never bring the solutions & joy we seek. But from a state of being that is full of Love & Joy; opportunities present themselves, life becomes full of wonder, you feel so much better, create more, feel inspired more & not only do you improve & enhance your life but also the lives of those around you as your beautiful new presence & energy naturally lifts & inspires them. That is a beautiful gift; to you, to your loved ones, your community & ultimately to the world.

It all starts with you & my hope is that my ' Feel Good ' prints will help you feel good every day! to reach for better feeling thoughts especially when you find yourself not feeling so good. You are a Powerful creator & having these images where you will see them everyday is just one simple way you can start shifting your focus, your thoughts to Love & Joy & thus creating more of the same.

A few important details about your print

  • Your print is printed on high quality 200 gsm matt finish photographic paper
  • The 'sample' watermark you see on each print will not be on the print you receive
  • Frames not included, if you'd like yours in a frame there are so many available online & off. Just choose the perfect 8 "x 10" frame to match your decor & pop your print in when you receive it! (there is a white trim around each print, using the glass from your frame as a template you can trim it to fit perfectly - or just pop it up as is, on your fridge, a wardrobe door, anywhere you like)
  • Each print comes with a special 'feel good' bookmark
  • All 8 "x 10" prints are  $ 11 AUD + postage
  • Shipping is standard at $ 6.00 AUD no matter where you are in the world - one order with more than 1 print will only incur 1 shipping payment of $ 6.00AUD
  • Your print will be posted with backing board & mailed in a flat envelope for safe arrival
  • Please choose carefully as there are no refunds or exchanges
  • These prints are copyright
  • Allow up to 21 days for delivery
  • Larger sizes & more designs coming soon

Landscape Designs 8 "x 10"

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Today Love Yourself

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Where there is gratitude

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; I am the Artist

Fairy Good 8 "x 10" print; I am Free

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Joy

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Be Happy Clock

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; I am Powerful

Feel Good 8 "x 10" prints; My life gets better

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Love the Life You Live

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Be U Tiful

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Be Yourself

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Daily Mantra

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Be Yourself

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Change is inevitable; Blue Butterfly

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Change is inevitable; Green Butterfly

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Note to Self; Happy

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Do more of what makes you Happy

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Pink - Be Happy Now

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Our Children

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; Dare to be Different

Portrait Designs - 8 "x 10"

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; May You

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; I am a Goddess

Feel Good 8 "x 10" print; I choose Peace

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