Awaken Your Best Self & Transform Your Life

Are you ready?

  • Do you wake up each morning, overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, wishing there was more.
  • Do you long for more passion, connection & love in your relationship,
  • Do you long to find your soul mate,
  • Do you feel stuck, uninspired wanting to find your life purpose,
  • Are you struggling through one of life's major transitions; divorce, menopause, the kids have grown up & left home, relocation, ill-health (just to name a few)

I hear you,
As a Professional Psychotherapist turned life Coach I can look back & see all my years of pain & struggle. My lack of self worth, patterns of constant self sabotage & the years of misery I put myself through.

  • I know what it’s like to feel frustrated, unsure, fearful, doubtful, unclear,
  • I know what it’s like to have such big dreams, such big & beautiful desires for your life, your children, your family & wonder if they’ll ever come to be.

Questioning; how, is it really possible for me, what will others think, what if I fail, what if it’s just not meant for me.
Doubting; I’m not really capable, I’ve never done that before, I don’t know enough, I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, I’m not, I can’t.

It is a painful way to live, a life of doubts, forever wondering, questioning, how, is it possible, where do I even start? Coming back to that place of feeling stuck & fearful.

I began my own personal development journey when I was at my weakest, lowest point, desperate for change. Through my years of personal growth & accreditation’s I stand before you truly happy & loving the life I live. Now it is my life’s work to help other women do the same in their lives.

You deserve to live a life full of love, joy & meaning & you can. You absolutely can. As so many before you have done & so many more in line ready, creating their dreams & desires. With such a strong belief & the guidance & positive accountability to help them each step of the way.

So many successful people we know today started with nothing, started from a place of despair, broke, heartbroken, lost in life’s many major transitions, some started in some of the most heart breaking circumstances & they would say, as I do to: if I can, you can.

You can start today by standing up & saying I may not know how, I may be fearful, I may have doubts but I will find a way. I will seek the guidance I need to bring my beautiful dreams & desires to life. They did it, I can too. Yes, yes, yes!

It’s time to choose Love, choose Joy, choose what lights you up, choose to follow your heart, your passions, your desires. Its time to choose you.

If this resonates with you & you feel your heart opening up with excitement & possibility, I encourage you to reach out, lock in a free discovery call with me & lets discover what it is you truly desire & how I can serve you in a beautiful coaching journey to bring it to life. Or perhaps you’re so excited, determined & ready to get started on your beautiful coaching journey, if that’s you you can started today via the links below, purchasing the coaching package that lights you up & is a perfect fit for you & the new life you are ready to create.

I have helped hundreds of women step into their brilliance, bring to life their dreams & desires, it would be my honour to help you too.

This is your life, don’t waste a minute of it unhappy, unfulfilled or struggling.

This is your time to shine & become your most beautiful, authentic self.

No Coaching journey is the same, yours will be as beautiful & unique as you are. Together we'll explore, discover, refine, define & create the beautiful life you desire & know you deserve.

If you're ready to;

  • Discover & gain clarity & direction on your biggest dreams & desires
  • Discover how beautiful, capable, amazing & worthy you are
  • Become the leading lady in your life
  • To do the work required to get the results you desire
  • Stop playing small
  • Make a beautiful difference in the world
  • Awaken your best self & Live a Life You Love

Then lock in a call or get started straight away by clicking on the links below to discover the perfect package for you!

This is your life & you deserve to LIVE it & LOVE it to your greatest potential.

I trust you're Excited!
After all this is your Life!

Click on the images below for full details to discover the perfect Coaching Journey for you,

This is your life - don't waste a minute of it unhappy, unfulfilled or struggling!

This is your time to shine & become your most beautiful authentic self.

Now you may have doubts or hesitations? I understand. I once felt that way to, but I assure you;

There is never a better time than NOW!

To make the changes you need to Love the Life You Live & Create the Future You Desire & Deserve.

No matter where you are in the world we can connect.

If there's something you've longed for, something you want to change or create. Whether it's in your relationships, longing for your soul-mate, major life transitions, looking for your life purpose, or you're just so ready to bring to life your dreams & desires but just unsure how;

Life Coaching is a powerful vehicle to get you there.

"Karen is amazingly good at what she does, she is more than just a therapist ...

Karen is a truly gifted teacher, self-published author and will be able to help you uncover your strengths, help you through past hurts & challenge yourself to be the best version of you.

Kel McLaren

"When my husband & I first met Karen I felt Marriage Coaching was too late to make any difference. Problems in marriage were long standing & recurring, divorce was imminent. With Karen's help we were able to work through these issues & stay together.

We are very grateful for Karen's Professional service & kindness.

Rebecca Saward

"I would like to express my deep appreciation & gratitude for today's mentoring call from Karen Offord to assist my journey in life & business going forward - she has given me 3 clear points to work on & now it is my responsibility to take those points & action them.

If you are stuck or just feeling a bit lost & out of focus then I can suggest you approach Karen Offord as she is amazing at her coaching & mentoring.

Karna Dee Keats - KKDee Essential Oils

"Karen is amazing at what she does. She is such a kind, caring and compassionate person who truly wants to help others be the best person they can be. She is a wonderful teacher and extremely empathetic to every situation that one may have faced in When I first spoke to Karen, I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life. With her help, understanding and teaching I have been able to draw on strengths I did not realize I had and worked through. a lot of past trauma I am now moving forward with my life able to draw on all the experiences I have faced without being triggered and instead seeing the positives in every day life. If it wasn't for Karen and her kindness, understanding and willingness to guide me, I truly don't think I would have been able to make it this far. "

Elise Murnane

Today could just be the day that you'll look back on & say
"That was the turning point of my life"