If you see someone without a smile
give them one of yours!

BLOG by Karen Offord

5th October 2014

A fabulous line from Dolly Parton in the movie Straight Talk

I write quite a bit about smiling, I even have a special page raising awareness, asking you to share your smile photo which in turn raises money for a great cause! Why? Because Smiling is such a simple, easy gesture with such a wonderful impact.

I get a lot of enjoyment when I see people out 'n' about smiling and happy.
I just spotted a lady with a smile from ear to ear just after she finished looking at something on her phone. Who knows what it was but I couldn't help but smile too. So I thought imagine harnessing those thoughts - the ones that really make you smile (a special moment with a loved one, a glorious sunrise, magnificent building, a great artwork; it's endless) for those times you feel down. Those times when things aren't going to plan and you feel there's nothing to smile about.

Imagine if we put those photos up to see every day (like we do with our family snaps) or kept them in the forefront of our minds to use when the not so great moments arise.

I have one of those great digital photo frames in my dining room. I loaded it full of family shots and all those things my family and I love; things that make us smile. Like roses, their favourite football team, box of Gillian chocolates, Manchester United soccer team, our must do places to visit and much more. We all see it (and smile) as we walk by many times during the week :)

If I counted all the smiles I saw today on the faces of all the people rushing by and the ones on my travels in the train to and from work the number would be a single figure :( if I counted the smiles I had and those shared with the girls in my office and my family today we'd reach three figures I'm sure!

There are endless things that can cause our mouths to curve upwards, giving a feeling of joy and inner happiness (something that can't be bought). Take note of them, cherish them, gather them, enjoy them!

Share one with everyone you meet :)

And remember the mirror won't smile at you till you smile first.

› If you see someone without a smile - give them one of yours!