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Share - YOUR 'smile initiator' photo. Not only does it encourage you to be aware and notice more things in your life that make you smile, it encourages others who read it; to share, to notice and to look for things that simply make them smile too - increasing personal happiness, feelings of gratitude, love and connection. BUT here it will also help a wonderful charity "Magic Moments Foundation Australia" - by way of our sponsor/s donating $1 each for every photo uploaded!

Your reason for smiling will help families in need, a homeless person or the elderly. Putting a smile on their faces too :)

The benefits to you are increasing happiness and the joy of contributing; helping those in need.

All you have to do is:

See - Smile

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My sponsors and I will do the rest.

Upload your picture and caption; For You, For All
To share, remind, remember, inspire, enjoy, raise awareness, help and to simply smile :) for life is full of things to smile about.

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Have you found yourself smiling when you've noticed a beautiful flower, a magnificent sunrise, something in nature, an old historic building? Capture your moment, upload it here with your caption stating why this made you smile!
Don't forget to read how sharing your photo will help a great cause!

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Love rocks! ❤️ Not rated yet
Of all the spots on the beach these two decide to stop here together! Magnetic attraction or random, it made me smile!

Beautiful Grandson Not rated yet
My first Grandson brings so much joy, knowing all my babies are grown and i won’t have anymore, i delight in time spent with him.

Photo Gallery Not rated yet
After developing photos from a girls night around a camp fire, talking about men and letting go of the past! We discovered this photo - we smiled and decided …

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A Great Cause
The Magic Moments Foundation

The Magic Moments Foundation is a group of like-minded volunteers who contribute to make community based projects a success throughout Australia. The programs that have been developed and are operational are:

  •  Basket Brigades
  •  The Grandies Gifting Program
  •  Youth Leadership Programs

Click on the picture or link below to visit their website and read about all the wonderful work they do and the hope, help and smiles they bring to many in need Nationwide.


To our wonderful sponsors for 2015

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"A high quality glass and aluminium product and services, delivered efficiently, effectively - exceeding the client's expectations"

If you would like to become a sponsor for this wonderful cause I welcome you to contact me.

Together we can help make a difference!

Allow me to start by sharing one of my favourite things, Something that always makes me smile :)

Glorious old trees, their breathtaking, magnificent and I just want to climb them or imagine a magnificent tree house like the one in Swiss Family Robinson!

When I was sharing this idea with Greg (my partner) he wanted to share one of his great passions and smile initiators, now it's one of mine - his unique plants. Especially when we see one of the unique beautiful flowers appear on his batplants... we smile.

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Below is a printable flyer - feel free to share it - Together we can smile even more :)

The next time something catches your attention and makes you smile; seeing the sun rise, sun set, the ocean, a flower, your favourite shop, family, museum, park, a storm, great hat - whatever it is - take a photo and add it with a caption!. We'd love to see your photo and hear from you :) 
Every photo will add up to make a difference!

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