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Photo Gallery 2016

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Thank you to all those who have contributed :)

Thank you to all those having a look, I hope you will choose to share a photo that makes you smile too :)

My goal is to reach 1000 smile initiator photos by Christmas 2016 as my sponsors will contribute $1 per photo to the Magic Moments Foundation, Australia.

Your photo contribution is appreciated, thank you and keep smiling because you not only raised awareness of the simple joys life has to offer - but you also helped someone in need :)

1. Emotithumb

By Luke - Camden, NSW

EmotiThumb: An Emoticon on my thumb.

Its smiling, makes me smile, end of amazing story.

2. Almost a Santa Photo with my 24 & 17 year old

By Karen - Camden, NSW

It's been a long time since I got Santa photo's of my boys, this may be as close as I get! but I still LOVE it & these 2 photo's make me smile!

3. Lol, oh how I understand!

By Lisa - Picton

4. A Great Day With Our Grandsons

By Graeme - Robina, QLD

5. New Linking Ladies E-Magazine

By the Linking Ladies Team - Smeaton Grange

Our very 1st Edition, we all love it and smile! A feeling of giving and accomplishment!

6. Womens Walk & Talk

By Karen - Camden

We started out with 4 and have now grown to 56 'Super Women'
Every one of these amazing women makes me smile :)

7. Paradise

By Andonietta - Mount Annan NSW Australia

Italy; a little piece of paradise!

8. Adam Fox Glazier New Zealand

by Andonietta - Mount Annan NSW Australia

Thrilling experience in New Zealand 2009

9. My mum & dad

By Jeanette

10. Kia Bird New Zealand 2009

by Andonietta - Mount Annan NSW Australia

Up close and personal :)

11. Sweet Bliss

by Holly  - Shoalhaven Heads

Love their sweet relaxed faces.

12. Simply good friendship

by Karna - Wilton NSW

A moment of girl chat captured, a memory of pecious supportive sisterhood to store away.

13. Innocent Delight

I've loved Anne Geddes baby photos for many years, she's great at capturing 'one of a kind' artistic moments, this is one of my many favourites.

14. I Love Purple!

by Holly 
(Shoalhaven Heads)

Thought this would be a lovely, tranquil stroll.

15. My grandaughter and nature give me a full body smile

by Fiona Mclennan 


by Holly Lynch 
(Shoalhaven Heads)

I Love babies! They're so lovely, they make me smile wherever I go! I really like some of photographer, Anne Geddes, photos of babies. She has a wonderful imagination!

To all of you who have contributed to
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I Thank You xxx
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Thank You xxx

We raised $100 for our 1st year!

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