Happy Days

BLOG by Karen Offord

7th September, 2014

Imagine how grand life would be if we made every day special for ourselves and for each other.

  • That call to our mum, daughter, dad, son or friend to say hi and see how they’re going,
  • Acknowledging and appreciating all the wonderful things our family, friends and co-workers do that make our lives so much easier, more fun and meaningful.
  • Noticing and stopping to smell the roses – literally. Noticing a beautiful song bird, the glorious rain, the gift in the work that we do and how we contribute - there are so many great things to notice.

So much happens in our day to day life that we miss really seeing and acknowledging so many of the fantastic people and things that surround us. We often spend too much time worrying and stressing about the things we cannot change and focusing on things that are not for our highest good, things that are far from positive, productive and helpful for us (or others).

I watched a wonderful movie recently called 'About Time'. Some (ok most) would say it’s a chick flick, but its message is love, family and making the most of your time - noticing all the little things that simply make our life grand and meaningful. I encourage everyone to watch it.

Today, being father’s day we all stopped to acknowledge these wonderful men who have made such a wonderful difference in our lives (yes, I know there are some that have even taught us what not to do…).

Thank you,
- For your love and encouragement
- For all your hard work (some even working two jobs or very long hours to provide for us
- For driving us half way across town cause I just had to go to that party! (me 25 years ago, thanks dad – I still remember)
- For the dads that we only get to see every other week end
- For your hugs, listening and strength 
- For being my DAD, my rock, my hero!


 I sincerely hope all the dads out there have had a glorious day. For some it is a very hard day and I encourage you (as I am a fortnightly parent to one of my boys now, I miss him every moment he's not with me) to cherish the time you have with your kids. They will see and feel the love you have for them (even if it can't be everyday). And please remember; if you’re struggling - talk to someone. Lifeline is available 24/7 - free from mobiles and landlines 13 11 14. Men's line is also available 24/7 on 1300 789 978.

 And for those of us who’s Dads are no longer with us, we miss you and you will always remain in our thoughts and our hearts xxx

I have had three very important dads in my time (through no choice of my own, it's just how life unfolded) each one I love and am grateful for - they are the most amazing men xxx to Dad O, Daddy Bob and Barry... Thankyou and I Love You xxx

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