A Morning of a Million Emotions

BLOG by Karen Offord

18th October 2014

Top of the morning to you :)

I was going through my mobile while on the train, checking what music I had. 643 songs, big job!

The task was full of emotions, feelings, thoughts and experiences. All vividly jumping into my mind with each new song. It was quite the roller coaster.

Events and moments of the past flooding my mind, then thoughts, dreams and ideas of the future welling up excitedly. All in a one hour trip. If it weren't for the hundreds of people travelling quietly, I would have got up to dance. But I sat contented with a simple toe tapping, head sway and the grandest of smiles (I probably still looked out of my mind)

My son had downloaded most of the music on my phone (thank goodness for our younger generation who apply technology so quickly, otherwise I'd probably have 5 songs if that). Amongst all the songs from various genre's (including the odd cartoon themed song sprinkled in like 'Pinky and the Brain' which made me giggle) there were dramatic themes and orchestral pieces, allowing my mind to wander into the most beautiful of places. I've always had a vivid imagination anyway. My mind able to easily take me any place I wished. Flying like a magnificent and angel with glorious silver wings, travelling to many places. But years ago it included some places I'd rather never venture again. But as I was back then; lets say easily influenced and focused on all the not so great stuff, my mind often wandered before I knew it had gone, sometimes to very dark, scary places. These day's I'm in control so the places I go are always amazing and never scary.

Imagination is a powerful thing and music is a powerful influence!

I'm sure you can recall times when you played the same sad song over and over after a break up just to torture yourself a little more! or the same upbeat song over and over because it just made you come alive and want to dance!

There is much we can tune into and I believe music is food for the soul. So it would seem extremely important to be aware of what you tune into and how it makes you feel. 

Is it uplifting, inspiring?

Does it bring you to life and make you productive, filled with positivity and possibility; like your standing on top of a mountain (OK so I'm picturing Julia Andrews in the sound of music) or does it keep you stuck, wallowing, feeling helpless or sad?

I encourage you to take note of what you listen to and if the record player (ok CD) is stuck in misery, it's time for a change. You can simply check by seeing where your mind goes as you tune in.....

P.S My son just told me even the term CD is old - it's now MP3's and IPOD's!

P.S.S My greeting today of "Top of the morning to you" was the wonderful greeting my late step dad always used! He was an entertainer, a talented musician and singer. Music was his life and on a regular basis, with great excitement he would make us stop and listen to the latest most uplifting songs he come across. I still smile and play some of those wonderful songs!

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