The wonderful Dr Suess

BLOG by Karen Offord

23rd November 2014

I have Fabulous memories of reading Dr Suess books to my boys. So clever, so fun!

“If you never did, you should. These things are FUN, and FUN is GOOD!” Dr Seuss.

Sometimes I write complete nonsense.

Not the good 'Dr Seuss' kind of 'Green Eggs and Ham' or 'Hop on Pop' nonsense but the pointless, dribble kind. Ofcourse I never publish those pieces (although that could be a matter of opinion, lol).

But I learnt sometime ago whatever you love, whatever you want to achieve, you must practise every day. Consistent action! Or as Anthony Robbins says "consistent massive action".

For me (among other things) I love to write, so everyday that's what I do. Even though some days it's utter nonsense - I still do it (and love it). So naturally I also read a lot and follow the blogs and writings of those who inspire me, challenge me and make a great living already doing what I love to do.

I watch, I listen, I learn, I try, I do, I triumph, I fail, I get back up and try again and so it continues.

Practise practise, practise. Refine, redo, research, learning about what you love - from the best of the best, trial and error, repetition and to always, as they say in Meet the Robinsons "Keep Moving Forward". Building self-belief, skills and  momentum. 

These Ten top tips will help you gain and keep momentum

1. Be open to learning and believing you can - YOU CAN! Visit your local library, use the internet and you tube - it's jamb packed full of free resources. (But always be discerning, if it doesn't feel right - trust your intuition and move onto the next one).
2. Learn to switch off from negative people that tell you "you can't or your mad" that's their opinion, issue and fears - don't make them yours.
3. Find a support or social group with like minded people. People that share your specific passion. There are plenty online and in person.
4. Be kind to yourself, even if you feel you failed. Change it a bit, learn from what worked, what didn't, and keep going.
5. Be your own cheer leader! Congratulate yourself for each improvement and success (sometimes even just for doing ‘it’ when you know you could have walked away)
6. Be grateful for all that is already! 
7. Create a schedule and stick to it. A commitment to do _______ (fill in the blank) _______ every morning before  _______ (fill in the blank)  _______ . Or what ever suits your lifestyle. Include it in some-way everyday, even if it's only small on some days. Check out the free PDF - DPA (Dream, Plan, Action mini workbook)
8. Put up reminders or triggers (a picture, a quote, your schedule or DPA) to keep you on track and focused on why and what your trying to achieve.
9. If you miss the odd day - don't beat yourself up or give up. Tomorrow is a brand new day.
10. Spend a few moments each day visualising your desired end result. Notice what it looks like, feels like, tune into what it will mean to you. 

Ok there's one more.... 11, it's important to add;
11. Look into your mirror every single day and say 'I love you' in the most enthusiastic way! Love, honour, encourage and believe in yourself. Affirm everyday “you can_________” or state simply “I am _________” (brilliant, capable, beautiful etc) all those wonderful true things - even if at first you don't believe it, keep saying it until you do, as Dr Suess would say "Until it’s truer than true!”.

As you travel along; acknowledge and smile at how far you've come and grown. 

Regret is something many look back on but something we never have to look forward too.

My post today is simply; when you love something, when your passionate about it, whether it's investing more in your relationship, a hobby, your current work or creating your dream job, then (as Nike coined the phrase) - 'just do it!.
But we'll add 'just keep doing it' - You master something by consistent action.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” Dr Seuss.

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