When you’re tired of reading how everyone else did it!

BLOG by Karen Offord

29th November 2014

You read:
- How I lost 20 kilos
- How I went from broke to a 6 figure income
- How I finally met the man/women of my dreams
- How I rented to owning 5 houses
- How I ____________!

Many claim to have done it overnight or in a very short space of time.

You get excited, pumped. You believe you can too and so it begins. Nothing can stop you. You want this. It happened for them. Why not you!

You made a choice, the starting pistol has been fired, and you’re off!

Then it's not as fast as you thought, isn't turning out like you imagined? But they've all done it? "I'm sure I'm following what they did" (whoever 'they' are) you think to yourself.

Frustrated, discouraged, hope dies a little. You may give up and just think you’re not that lucky, you may take a break and come back, just a little time to rethink, check, research. You try again or you don't but either way you’re still where you started. Same weight, same job, same bank balance, same relationship status, same _________ whatever it was you set out to change - right? 

Wrong. I say this not negatively but, in truth you can never be the same from a previous moment. How? It feels like it you might say, nothing's changed! You’re not the same because you have thought one more thing, tried one more thing, you know one more thing, you believed it was possible, you started, you’re thinking shifted to a higher level.

The successful people we look up to and try to emulate are people just like us. With fears, hopes, challenges, failures. Some may seemingly succeed overnight (some may be hoaxes to get you to pass over your hard earned cash - watch out for them. Although if their doing it there has to be some cleverness, although deceiving, behind their scheme - but you don't want that). It's easy to feel like these successful people must have had access to more money, more time, more resources just more.... but very often you don't see their whole journey. What you see is the motion picture! The final cut, once all the takes are done. All the cutting, polishing, editing. Then you (as the hopeful) get to sit back in your comfort zone (still as you are) humble with popcorn and a large soda in hand and watch. You see the '10' not the 1-10. 1, 2, 3, 4 Etc. are all the trials, failures, mishaps, stuff ups, down moments, fears, but they are also all the little steps and successes that add up to the final awesome '10' blockbuster!

When you’re trying, really trying and think you've gone nowhere and it's not possible for you (your probably at 2 or 3 (maybe a little more) not 1 because at least you started (awesome). What separates them from you is you have to keep going, you have to work throw every step and remind yourself it is a process. You need to try things, see what works, what doesn't, what's right for you. And really take hold of the fact that although you don't feel like you've achieved - you have - you are one step closer.

Keep going. Laugh at not being 'there' yet! For you are becoming a master of your own self by learning, experiencing, trying, doing, getting back up when you fall down brushing of the dust and moving forward. And most importantly be ever so grateful for everything and everyone and every possibility and opportunity that surrounds you. Because it does surround you - you just have to see it! The more that you look, the more that you'll see the more the gift of gratitude will come easily (and the cycle continues and grows).

What will get you there is building the belief that you are capable, just as capable as anyone else. You have something unique to offer, something no one else has, YOU.

And if that all seems a little hazy there are ways to help you, support is never far away!
- Keep a record of all your attempts and successes
- Be your own cheer leader but also enlist the help, support and encouragement of someone you trust. Someone who wants to see you succeed.
- Keep following those that have done it. Be inspired, watch, learn, try what they do and do what they try.
- Be grateful every day for all that is already! And all that is possible.
- Invest in yourself because you hold the key to your success and becoming one of those people who writes or shares HOW I ____________ and HOW YOU CAN TOO!

We all want to succeed and all those (well most of them) who have succeeded, share it because they want you to succeed too! 

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