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12th October 2014

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writing so that you shall come easily by what others have laboured hard for" Socrates

I follow a number of brilliant, unique and creative writers. I get excited when I see their names come up in my inbox. What wonderful treat will they share today? In what way can I learn and apply their wealth of knowledge and experience. Like a kid in a candy store I often sit there excitedly thinking "Goodie, which one will I read first".

It always blows me away how incredibly different each one is, even though the underlying message is the same; growth. A new spin on an old idea, a funny analogy to help take the pressure off some of life's experiences, some new information I'd never thought or heard of before, a new resource. Their unique view points and ideas give me loads to work with, ponder or apply personally and professionally. Sometimes with left overs I can simply discard if it just doesn't sit well with me. Because what resonates with me will not necessarily resonate with someone else and vice versa, but I am always open and eager to learn and try from those who've 'been there, done that'. However I am always discerning.

The interesting part of these varying posts is my creation alongside them. They seem to almost always fit with what I'm feeling or doing at the time. Which makes me think of a time many years ago when I used to read the stars like medicine or possibly like a drug, addicted. Desperately wanting to get my hands on the newspaper each day so I could read my fortune - what was install for me? (Oh pretty please I hope it's good, with desperation and fear in the forefront of my mind back then, as if I didn't have a choice) and at that time too, the messages would always fit, I'd make it fit. So what I read would become my experience - good or bad (the stars seemingly so accurate to the easily influenced mind) BUT I learnt over the years about focus, creating, affirming, discernment and the immense power of thought. 

What you look for and what you focus on - you will always find Even while every scenario is happening around us we see only what we look for and what we focus on...

The easiest example is when I was pregnant I all of a sudden noticed so many pregnant women. When I was out walking with my son in his pram, I noticed so many new mums doing the same. When I decided I wanted a new car, in particular a Jeep sports wrangler, they appeared everywhere. These things were always around but I never noticed them before.
The worst (sadly very common) example is hearing about a death or seeing a funeral car. You hear of, or see one you automatically look for two more. With the mindset (programmed) it comes in three.

So naturally these days the posts I receive always contain something of relevance, something that helps me grow and makes me smile. Simply because that's what I look for, that's what I focus on - that's what I find.

So life for me now is jam packed with fantastic experiences and colour - growing, reading, learning, living and loving it. All encouraging me to grow, learn, try, laugh, live and enjoy each moment and become the most authentic I can be, because that's were true inner happiness is set free. Freeing myself from the pitfalls and traps of I can't, or worrying and wondering what everyone will think or say. Gone are the constant  worries of; am I pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, good enough, capable enough, enough enough???? For who???? For me - YES, I am.

Dear reader, so are you.

Such a simple shift can be made in our lives but have a massive, positive impact if we take the time and become aware of what we actually look for, what we focus on and what we allow into our minds. For once it's in there, with a little focus voila.....

When we raise our awareness and live consciously in each moment, our now:

 - That boring too hot day heading to work can become magnificent sunshine, life, energy, on the way to do something productive and get paid for your time & if it's not the job you desire it can become the means to get you were you want to go because you’re so amazing and capable!
 - That whinging, constantly complaining negative person in the office can become someone that really needs to see that sunshine and you become the living example for them. You don't let them get under your skin and well; you get to choose who you spend your time with outside of the office.
 - That big electricity bill, urr-aargh - can become the fair exchange and gratitude for being warm, cool, cooking and seeing in your world
 - That boring fruit you force yourself to eat (or keep promising yourself to eat) to be healthy, (creating negative thoughts of lack and guilt) - can become natures lollies, yummy!

If we make little adjustments as we go,
If we take note of what we take in,
If we pick ourselves up each time we stumble (with a smile) and keep moving forward,
If we take an inventory of our thoughts and focus, and choose to only allow into our minds things that are positive and productive, then our little adjustments and shifts in our consciousness will make a massive improvement to what we see and what we experience.

One morning last week when I woke up, for a split second I thought "nooooo" I don't want to go to work - baa humbug - but I quickly remembered from my years of mind training (positive programming) the all-important, very technical, proven scientific theory of gigantic proportion and significance - spoken in the voice of the Great 'n' Powerful Oz (for a fun effect):
Joy is a choice - each morning you wake up - You choose,
I choose joy

I hope you do too and start to notice and take in how much of it there is!

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