The Greatest Investment

BLOG by Karen Offord

9th November 2014

To those who start early, and those who work through the night,
To those raising children, and those serving; battling the fight,

To those who support sick family or friends,
To those that provide jobs, to which many depend,

To those who are studying, and following their dreams,
To those who inspire, leading great teams,

To those who contribute their best every day,
To those that are looking, still finding their way,

To those in the city and those on the land,
To those who keep giving and those needing a hand,

We all play our part, as we wake up each day,
Each one of us special, in our own unique way, 

Despite what they've told you and things in your past,
It all starts with now, you choose what will last,

No matter your status, position or plan,
Life is what you make it - and yours deserves to be grand,

Celebrate You :)

For all that you do, all that you dream, all that you can do, all that you are.
To the beautiful, unique, wonderful, capable you! 

Make time just for you, every single day.

Replenish, rejuvenate, revive, think, feel, nurture and love - YOU

Self-care and self-love is the most important thing you can do. All those around you will naturally benefit from this gift you give to yourself.

Such a simple thing, with beautiful benefits which will be reflected in everything else you do - but it's something so often forgotten...

- Find a perfect space to curl up with a good book or your journal
- Take a bubble bath
- A nap
- A coffee to the park sitting on a blanket with your thoughts, your gratitude’s
- Meditate
- Lie on the beach, under a tree
- Dance around the house in your knickers
- A pedicure, manicure, massage
- A walk in the park

- Do something for you - that simply makes you smile :)

 and enjoy switching off! (You'll be back before you know it)

The greatest investment you can ever make - is in you!

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