Time Out

BLOG by Karen Offord

28th September 2014

  • What is it you love, long for or dream to do?
  • What is it you used to love but haven't done for sometime because the 'busyness' and 'routines' of life got in the way?

Recently my colleague and I finished our six week 'Powerful You' workshop.
We facilitated a group of amazing people. Each with a unique lifestyle and story but all looking to grow and empower themselves.

Throughout the programme we experienced and shared many things. One in particular was our dreams. More importantly the consistent action we need to take to achieve them and bring them into being, rather than having them lay dormant as an occasional nice thought or must do.

We created a fantastic mini workbook; dream plan action, which they all completed with enjoyment and excitement. I'm not new to this but I also happily completed the workbook, re-freshing, creating, planning those things in life I desire to achieve.

So as I travelled home today, with my dream, plan, action in the forefront of my mind, I pulled off to the side of the road. To a secret, tranquil, beautiful spot I used to visit many years ago and have driven right past many times since. I decided it was time to stop and re-visit.

One of the goals I shared with our wonderful group was my passion for helping people help themselves, in their own quiet space and time, through writing and providing an abundance of information tools and resources. 
My dream is to help people all over the world. 
My plan is to do this full time and to do it where I please. Which includes my secret location, the park, the beach, from a little cafe, across the other side of the world and in my lovely little home office (my sanctuary and place of solitude).
My action (my commitment to get me there) is to research and learn every aspect (how, what, when, where and why's) and to contribute every single day by adding new information, fabulous new resources and tools. 

That's why I pulled of the side of the road. Determined to action my plan and my dream and bring it to life, to feel it, to live it - in that moment. It was magnificent sitting there. Listening to the birds, watching the wildlife and the water moving down the stream. Surrounded by nature, relaxed, smiling and happily writing. This was a place I took my boys to when they were young. Climbing over the rocks, chatting, laughing and enjoying the gloriousness of the outdoors and nature.

So I encourage you to pick up that book you were writing, drag out that old bike in the garage you wanted to do up, look up that course you've pondered, pick up that paintbrush, plan that holiday - or whatever it is you love or dreamt of but put to the side. Get creative, get going and build momentum. 

Grab a copy of the dream, plan, action booklet here 

Enjoy, dream, plan and action new and old desires and thoughts. The only thing stopping you -is you.

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