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The Power in your 'WHY'

When you know what you want to do... but still don't do it!

A thought I'm sure we've all had at some point.

  • What creates a breakthrough?
  • What makes you stop 'thinking' (procrastinating) & start doing?
  • What brings dreams to life?

There is one common answer;

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My Personal Thoughts of Covid-19

April 8th 2020
Such a beautiful day, life is good. I’m in love; with my family, my surroundings, my work, my life, but I’m running low on toilet paper....
On April 9th 2020 a crazy, fearful, frenzy of bulk buying, particularly on toilet paper began. Followed by news that was starting to spread like the plague or a virus more accurately... something weird was happening, a big change was coming.

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These words I write for You

You may not yet believe
These words I write to you
But I pray that soon you’ll see
& know that they are true

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There's Power in Your Story

There is an epidemic of unhelpful, negative storytelling in our world.

Not all of them even our own. Stories & narratives we’ve carried from previous generations? Stories & narratives we’ve created influenced from previous generations & personal past experiences & beliefs we carry around that don’t serve us. We’ve become so used to telling them, feeling them.

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Your Personal Development Journey

Personal Development, what is it really?  

What does it involve & 

How can it change your life?

In all honesty PD is a life long journey, a continual practise of growth. It's more than self-improvement...

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Waiting for the right time?

Don't wait for a special occasion,

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You are a Woman so capable & worthy...

The purpose, the passion & the desire for what I do is to help you believe in yourself. To help you gain, see & feel the confirmation, the truth, that you are Divine. A Woman so Capable, worthy, amazing & beautiful.

You may have suffered, you may still be suffering,

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Your Story

Have you ever really stopped to take a look at the stories you tell...
When you meet people, when you see an old friend, your neighbour, when you talk to your colleagues at work. Even when your just in your own thoughts.

What is it that you constantly retell?

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This is what you came here for...

There are so many things we can learn...
Ten ways to....
Top ways ways to...
Easiest way to...
Must do’s if you want to...
5 steps to...
We see these posts everywhere, I’ve written them myself.

They’re good but...

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Keep Moving...



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Photo: Pinterest; Unsplash

Don't apologise for who you are...

A short post but an important reminder

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Photo: Our beautiful gals in 'Sex in the City'

Do you truly know...

Do you truly know how incredible you are,
Do you truly know what you’re capable of doing, being, creating & achieving,

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Every Moment...

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”
"Thomas Merton"

As I watch, listen and take notice of how people interact, I see the smiles, the joy, the pride, the excitement, the belief, the hope, the guilt, the shame, the disbelief, the doubt, the sadness, the anger, or fear - expressed in their faces. Often no words are needed.

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When you notice all the beautiful little things...

A short & sweet encouragement...

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For too long...

For too long…

We have beaten ourselves up,

We have sabotaged our happiness from fears, self-doubts, lack of self-worth,

We have given up on our greatest desires and dreams, believing we can’t, worrying about what people will say, will we fail,

We have believed that life is hard, we can’t, we shouldn’t, this is all I deserve, it’s my fault.

For too long…

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What If...

What if...
You looked as often as you could for the joy...
You looked as often as you could for all you were grateful for...
You looked as often as you could for all the things that make you smile...
You looked as often as you could for all the things that light you up...
You did it day after day after day...

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Ooooh to be Grateful...

Oooh to be grateful...
What a feeling!
To look beyond what we don’t have, what we feel like we’ve missed out on, what isn’t perfect or right, but to look at what we do have, to celebrate it, enjoy it & know that although life may not be perfect, we are blessed in so many ways & have the choice to feel grateful & the ability to change, fix, remove, embrace all the things that may not be as we wish right now. 

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Find Gratitude

When you feel sad - find something to be grateful for
When you feel wronged - find something to be grateful for
When you feel hurt - find something to be grateful for
When you feel lonely - find something to be grateful for
When you feel lost - find something to be grateful for
When you feel discouraged - find something to be grateful for
When you feel angry - find something to be grateful for
When you feel unworthy - find something to be grateful for

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If I could turn back time...

If I could turn back time...
Well, the truth is I can’t, no one can so why even consider it.
Too much of our precious energy & time is spent regretting & mulling over what can’t be changed.

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Imagine how you would feel...

If only you knew how truly glorious you are...

IMAGINE what you would feel
IMAGINE what you could do
IMAGINE a life without limitation
IMAGINE loving yourself so humbly, beautifully, sincerely & completely, embracing & delighted in all you are, think, do & feel

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Our Beautiful Dreams

If you can feel your dreams, live in the joy of the creation of them, be excited by them, trust in the process & believe you are a magnificent creator you will travel along a path of least resistance to them. 

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