If only you knew how truly glorious you are...

IMAGINE what you would feel
IMAGINE what you could do
IMAGINE a life without limitation
IMAGINE loving yourself so humbly, beautifully, sincerely & completely, embracing & delighted in all you are, think, do & feel

We have taken on too many opinions of others,
Opinions & words from those who do not know who you truly are, who are struggling with their own inner darkness, doubts & fears, based on what they know & the experiences they’ve had. Those who have no right to judge you or anyone, who have no real knowledge of the depths of your dreams & desires. We choose to take onboard these thoughts & opinions even though they are not justified. We allow them to take residency in our minds, to become our truth. They mould us into a mere shadow of who we are, what we’re capable of & limit us to a fate of mediocrity, survival & mere existence filled with doubt, guilt, shame, fear & self loathing.

You are free to choose your thoughts, what you take onboard & make your truth.

You are so free.

It hurts I know when others don’t see what you see or respond how you wish they’d respond to your dreams & desires, but that is their journey, not yours. You can send them love & know that they are living from their own level of consciousness.

Embrace your freedom to be who you are, to follow your dreams & desires & passions. To live & go for what lights you up.
To be who you were born to be,
Live as you were born to live; a life full of love, joy & meaning,
Freely, authentically, excitedly as YOU.

Love Karen

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