My Personal thoughts on Covid-19

April 8th 2020
Such a beautiful day, life is good. I’m in love; with my family, my surroundings, my work, my life, but I’m running low on toilet paper....

On April 9th 2020 a crazy, fearful, frenzy of bulk buying, particularly on toilet paper began. Followed by news that was starting to spread like the plague or a virus more accurately... something weird was happening, a big change was coming.
News of a cruise ship & very ill passengers onboard came to the forefront... “Corona Virus” came into our awareness & would soon become one the most used words across the globe, to be etched in our minds forever. Panic, fear & jokes spread across social media like wild fire & toilet paper was nowhere to be seen. The supermarket isles normally stocked full with every brand & size now bare as customers paced up & down looking, wondering why.

Fights broke out as those in deep fear stocked up causing havoc but honestly from a consciousness of not knowing what else to do thinking immediately of themselves & their families. Cans & non perishables soon followed in the scarcity & frenzy. Corona virus now on every channel, updates, new reports, boarders closing, countries beginning to shut down as one by one but in the masses people became victims of this unknown deadly virus. The world went into shock, this was a pandemic of epic proportion. It seemed like only weeks before, we, in Australia were gripped by the terror of uncontrollable fires spreading across the country, a battle of survival, now we were in a global battle.

Conspiracy theories soon showed up every where, from domination by the rich, secret societies & an unknown plot of riding the world of a huge majority of people. Greed, unthinkable thoughts & acts came into the mix of conspiracy theories. 5g, control of the population through micro chipping, tracking & eliminating also part of the many conspiracy theories going around.

What the hell is going on!
What is the truth?
What on earth do we do?

Those spiritually aware, leaders, mentors & motivators all jumping onboard to spread as much hope & faith as possible to a population of global scale that were beyond frightened.
Words & encouragement of we must stay strong, do all we can to keep our spirits high, to band together as the phrase ‘we’re all in this together’ & ‘we will get through this’ flooded our screens & newsfeeds.
Stay home, stay safe became the next phrase on both positivity & enforcement as the Army & Police stepped in. It took a little time for some but most got the message loud & clear as business began to close their doors, financial loss & fear began to cause terror in many who found themselves suddenly out of work. Schools closed down, events cancelled causing more pressure & heart ache as loved ones could not gather together & parents felt the the pressure of home schooling & trying to do what they could to keep their children safe, informed appropriately for their age group & even more challenging... entertained.

In a matter of weeks life went from what we knew as normal to shut down, stay home, social distancing, job loss, fear & anxiety. So many in need of help, so many dying daily from a Pandemic no one was prepared for. Medical staff working tirelessly around the clock, on the front line, in danger, but in the spirit of love & human kindness doing their jobs of which beautiful videos began to appear across social media of cheering, acknowledging & showing such love & gratitude for their work & dedication. Then the stories of hope, of joy, of watching the curve change started to appear daily as we tuned into the latest. There was a light. Scientist working full force to research & discover a vaccine, it may never be found but they are working around the clock so that if it does exist they will find it & begin the process of getting it out into the world. Although they have clearly stated it will not be in the near future, but there is hope & all are praying they will find the answer.

Our thoughts after the initial shock & starting to band together were in love, in hope & united, even with all our different beliefs & cultures we all want peace, we all want to move forward with a deeper understanding of what we can all do to create a better world. To not go back to the normal life we once knew & for many; lived! robotically, stressed, & so busy being busy that they honestly believed they didn’t have time to truly live & connect deeply, with loved ones, with their surroundings, with their passions, with themselves.

For some time, across the globe, so many collectively (consciously or not) have wished for healing, for more time, for more love & joy & I believe this, although with its downside & unforeseen sadness & loss, has given us what we’ve been asking for. It is an awakening, a shift towards more conscious living, deeper connections & the time to really connect with our loved ones, with ourselves on such a deep level to really discover who we are, what’s most important to us & what permanent changes we can make that will not only have a beautiful impact in our lives & the lives of others but in our future & future generations.

There are many in this world who would be called ‘privileged’ & not feeling the full force of devastation & loss. Money being the ultimate energy that all look to to survive, because with money comes options & choices. But with that luxury money can never guarantee life. I believe we all have the same opportunity in this day & age to thrive & live our best lives, to self actualise as described in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We each have access to some of the greatest minds the world has known through books & through the internet, more privileged than ever & freely available. In saying that we each have access to an even greater power... ourselves & our inner knowing. The beautiful, powerful, God source within that we can all access if we stop & tune in. If we take note of how we feel & acknowledge those feelings to be a guidance system of where we need to focus. Nothing can ever guarantee life but this power alone can guarantee we experience this journey of life to its fullest, to live & breathe each moment we are given with such love & joy & ultimately being a beautiful example to the world & leaving the sweetest legacy of unconditional love, hope & the power of the human spirit.

We have been forced to not only do what we can within the guidelines of our health authorities to put an end to what will become one of the greatest challenges the world has seen but to stop & rethink how we choose to move forward, how we choose to create a better world & ultimately how we choose to live for the highest good of ourselves & the highest good of all.

Love Karen

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