This is what you came here for...

There are so many things we can learn...
Ten ways to....
Top ways ways to...
Easiest way to...
Must do’s if you want to...
5 steps to...
We see these posts everywhere, I’ve written them myself.

They’re good but what I love most about the Personal Development journey & getting to share as a mentor, Counsellor & Coach is that YOU choose...
You choose to bring the joy,
You choose how you see the world,
You choose what you focus on,
And in your choosing you get the equivalent results.

One of the greatest ways to check in on your growth, your progress is in how you feel.
Check in on how you feel...
Start to really care about you feel...
If you find yourself feeling good you know you are moving towards what you want,
If you find yourself feeling low, negative & not so good you know you are moving further away from what you want...

As I say often you feel what you focus on.
Check in (particularly when you find yourself not feeling so good) what you’re focusing on. What are you giving your attention to?
And as you feel into it you choose.
Choose to reach for a better feeling thought,
Choose to shift your focus & attention to something that lifts you up,
Choose to find the joy.

If you find yourself in one of life’s tougher challenges, choose to look for a solution.

Choose to believe that you will find the answer you seek. Choose to believe that you can, you will, you are capable to move through it.

You create, you choose, but what’s really cool is that the more you bring your awareness to how you feel & what you focus on you can choose to change it.

It takes practise no doubt as you catch yourself in an old pattern of negative thinking, victimisation, helplessness or hopelessness but the more you practise & tune in, check in, the faster you get yourself out of it, pick yourself up & move forward & again the more you practise choosing better feeling thoughts, focusing on what lights you up, choosing to believe in yourself & in finding the answers you seek the less you experience the ‘old patterns’ as they begin to fade & get less of your focus & attention.... because the more joy you feel... the more joy you feel, the more you love it, look for it, feel it & experience it in your daily life.

Knowledge is potential power, you can read all the ‘how too’s, ways too, must do’s & five steps to whatever but it is in your choosing to live consciously, becoming mindful & aware of how you feel & what you give your attention & focus too that the greatest shifts come.

You are always free to choose,

You are the creator of your reality,
You are the Author, poet, cheerleader, director, designer, healer, artist of your life.
Choose well, choose you, choose joy, choose love & in your choosing you will create a magnificent life.
That is what you came here to experience, that is your personal development journey.

Love Karen

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