If I could turn back time...
Well, the truth is I can’t, no one can so why even consider it.
Too much of our precious energy & time is spent regretting & mulling over what can’t be changed.
We make beautiful, encouraging, generalised statements of ‘you can do anything you desire to do’ but ofcourse its meant to be taken with obvious common sense because there are somethings we cannot, will not, ever be able to do. Like turn back time... to do things differently.

What we can & always will be able to do is change the moment & our future by being & living in appreciation of this moment, of what we have now, of what we’ve learnt in the past to positively & productively change or create our futures to what we desire.

The past is done, another day, another moment, soon another year,
So live this one, really live it!
This moment, this day, this coming year with the greatest of presence, joy, hope & excitement that you can create do, be, experience whatever you desire right now & have the most incredible present & future.

Love Karen

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