You are a Women so beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing

The purpose, the passion & the desire for what I do is to help you believe in yourself. To help you gain, see & feel the confirmation, the truth, that you are Divine. A Woman so Capable, worthy, amazing & beautiful.

You may have suffered, you may still be suffering,
You may not see yourself as I do, not yet,
You may believe that life is hard, questioning, wondering, why,
You may feel helpless, hopeless or victimised,
You may not have the most supportive people around you, in fact you may be struggling even more as they weigh you down,
You may have dreams & desires but lack the confidence & belief that you can create them,
You may be so harsh & critical of yourself because of what you’ve seen, experienced, heard & taken onboard as your truth,
You may be tired, wanting so much more in this life but lacking the energy, clarity & direction you need to get up & get going.

I know, you, many of you may be feeling some or all of these things because I once felt them too.

I know we are all at different stages of our personal development journeys, I also know it will never end. Our PD journeys are a lifelong journey, a continual practise of growth. Learning, shifting & transforming as there is always something to learn, ways to improve, discovering & embracing who we are, who you are. A divine being of love & light, a Woman, A Goddess just waiting to break free.

To not carry the weight of the world, the burdens of the past & things we simply cannot change but to free ourselves, to live authentically, not afraid to speak our truth in love, not afraid to take a chance or be consumed with worry of what others may say. As we choose growth, as we choose ourselves we lighten the load to free ourselves & become who we were born to be.

In all our glorious colours, shapes, sizes, talents, gifts, passions, personalities, quirks & a little bit of weirdness we can step up, shine & awaken to our best self, to the infinite possibilities that lie within us & the Universe of goodness, love, creativity, inspiration, connection, contribution, success & desire.

If I could bottle what I feel, what I see & what I know, so that you could feel it, see it & know it instantly, I would. But you are on your own journey, you are responsible for your happiness, growth & fulfilment, you alone. You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness, but I will tell you this as you lighten your load, as you choose to invest in you... those around you benefit, the world benefits from you just being you & shining your light in the world, living fully, growing into your highest potential. Your beautiful, unfolding, awakening journey to your most beautiful, authentic self is such a precious gift to you, those you love & to the world.

Step up, take your place in the world, shine, release all that is holding you back, keeping you stuck & playing small. It doesn’t serve you or anyone. There will always be those that challenge you, ridicule you, & don’t understand but they too are on their own journey, living from their level of consciousness. You do not have to change them, save them or be hurt by them. You only need to send them love & go on your way, on your path. They may be inspired by what they see as you grow, they may not be ready but you must keep going despite what they, what the world shows you.

How glorious it would be to stand on a mountain & wave a magic wand to rid or free everyone from the burdens, doubt, lack & fears they carry. So that everyone could stand up, shine, contribute positively, productively to the evolution of the human race & the world. A beautiful thought no doubt, but it is your responsibility to choose love over fear, to choose Joy, to choose you, to seek what you need, even though it is already within you, dormant, waiting to be set free.

Although it is our choice, your choice, you don’t have to do it alone.
Sometimes all we need is guidance, direction & a place to start until we can tap into the power & potential of our own minds & beyond that into our hearts, our desires, our truth.

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It is up to you,
Love Karen

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