Our beautiful dreams...,
I have to say I’m feeling very excited about a new decade...
As I write this, 2020 is just around the corner & although I encourage being present, enjoying each moment we’re in... dreaming about the new year is now in the forefront of my mind.
I have so many exciting new plans & things I’m dreaming, creating & manifesting even now; ready for the new year.
It feels good...
It feels good to meditate & visualise them coming to life...
It feels good thinking about the impact they will have...
It feels good thinking about the beautiful memories that will be created...
It feels good just sitting with the thought of them...
It feels good...

One thing I know for sure when it comes to manifesting our dreams is to stay focused on the joy of them, of the feelings felt as if they had already come to be. Too often we can become stuck in worry, fear, stress... how can I, will I, what if I can’t... it takes so long... it probably won’t happen... what will others think... what if I fail... Too often we travel along a path of resistance, creating more worry, fear & stress & our dreams can remain just dreams as the doubt & confirmation comes, reflected back by way of our thoughts, feelings & experiences of not obtaining our dreams because we are stuck in the fear, stress, worry & lack of not having them.

If you can feel your dreams, live in the joy of the creation of them, be excited by them, trust in the process & believe you are a magnificent creator you will travel along a path of least resistance to them. You will be guided & led to take inspired action towards them. Meaning the right people will show, ideas & thoughts of how & what will flow. The excitement & belief will build as you see things coming to be, lining up, preparing the way, unfolding beautifully as you get closer & closer, focused on the joy of the creation of your dream.

We are magnificent creators... even in things we don’t want. We create our life experiences by what we give our attention, focus & energy too. No doubt you can look back over your life & find the evidence of both, based on what you were feeling & focusing on at the time. So my heartfelt words of wisdom as you head into 2020 is to be so aware of what you give your focus & attention too, feel the joy in creating & allow your higher self & the Universe to guide you along the path of least resistance to obtaining your beautiful dreams.

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Love Karen

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