I don't have time!

Did I just say that again!

Ok, I'm guilty of it. I've said it and heard it even more.

Sometimes it's truth, sometimes it's just a polite way of saying; what you’re offering or suggesting isn't really my thing. Sometimes it's a simple case of, I have so much going on in my head I can't possibly fit another to do in, even if it's really great.

Where all 'busy' doing this and doing that, running here and running there, sometimes where just so busy being busy that we don't really achieve that much, except that we say and feel like where busy all the time and ultimately just feel exhausted. Phew; that big sentence felt exhausting just writing it.

Do you suffer from busyness, but don't really feel like you achieve that much.

If you do you’re not alone. 

'Busyness' seems to be the accepted new norm. When we say (and feel) where busy all the time it must mean where actually doing something purposeful and contributing. Right?

Yet so many people are struggling; because they just feel so busy. So much to do, everyone needs you to do something or see something or be somewhere. They lack time, resources and solutions.

OK; Now is the perfect time to take a deep breath……

There are a number of simple things we can all easily do to solve many of our time or busyness related problems. To ease our situations and struggles, creating good positive long lasting changes but, you guessed it we say "sounds great but I don't have time". 

It always reminds me of Gabrielle Bernstein (founder of the spirit junkie) who said in her book "Miracles now" when people tell her they don't have time to meditate, pray or read something inspiring, her reply is; "do you have time to feel like shit."

When you dedicate time to your personal growth and doing things that really matter, you end up saving time because you’re not wasting time wallowing in crappy feelings or exhausted from trying to please everyone.

  • That half an hour spent reading a great book can lift you up; get you excited with new ideas, drive and inspiration. Check out my recommended reading.
  • That 5 to 15 minutes of meditation can clear your mind of clutter leaving you feeling refreshed, less stressed and in a better state of mind, to do what needs to be done.
  • That 10 minutes spent journaling your thoughts, or answering a great question like "What's really important to me?" "What do I truly want", can open your mind to how you truly feel. Get in touch with your inner-self, take the time to listen to the loving messages you receive.
  • That invitation you've been avoiding could lead to new contacts, friends and connecting.
  • That half an hour walking will lift your mood and give you more energy and it’s good for your body. Keeping it fitter, healthier, stronger. You can use that time to listen to an audio book, music that lights up your soul, or to walk the kids to school, to the park, even to the shops instead of using the car. You know what they say "two birds, one stone".
  • Having a really good clean out one morning or afternoon will not only clear physical space but also help to de clutter your mind. It's hard to feel good and productive if you’re surrounded by boxes, have piles of paper on your desk, your wallet is overflowing with receipts and your wardrobe is a battle every time you open it praying you'll find what you’re after. 
  • Have a diary or daily planner to make notes the night before of what you need to or want to achieve the next day. When you sit down for a cuppa at night take 5 minutes to write down what's really important. Make a simple check list. 
  • Take a 20 minute power nap and come back with more energy and a clearer mind, ready for what's next.
  • Put 'it' on paper. If you have a list of errands or shopping, write it down. Put it in order of importance, location. You can save a lot of time when you’re not going all over the place, crossing paths or going back because you forgot something.
  • Don't get enough time with your partner? Have a shower together. Chat, catch up, plan, or just feel the love! Do a chore together and talk. Again two birds, one stone.
  • Pay for services, ask for help or delegate. Can you afford to pay someone to do some of the things that take up alot of your time? Shopping, cleaning, office duties, if not ask for help or delegate to your family certain chores, tasks, so everyone can pitch in and share the load. If this is new to you and your thinking 'yeh right, my kids won't ....' then I suggest patience, persistance with a good old dose of loving encouragement. As opposed to constant nagging, demanding, anger, and giving up and doing it yourself. Creating new good habits isn't always instant. 

There are many things we truly don't have time for; there are many things we shouldn't make time for. Including people that we should say no too, instead of complying with their wishes out of guilt or feeling like we'll let someone down or god forbid; look bad.

There's no rocket science here, just simple things to do to give you more time and free up some space in your mind. It's hard to think clearly when you've got a million and one things on your mental, mayhem to do list.

Deciding what we make time for, what we should make time is just another positive part to living a happy life, an authentic life. A life where you get to live as your true self. Free from the guilt and obligations we often impose on ourselves.

So next time you say 'I don't have time, think about your answer.... Is it because you genuinely have no interest in what's being offered or suggested. If so I encourage you to be honest and simply state "thanks anyway but it's not really my thing". That way you've just been authentic (it feels good) and the person who asked won't (well shouldn't) ask again. If it's something that could really enhance the quality of your life but means you may have to give up one of your TV shows, or adjust your schedule I encourage you to think about the long term outcome. Like; it will enhance the quality of your life and hey you can always tape the show.

Take the time to do a time inventory, you’ll be surprised!

A few adjustments and your whole life will improve. Your relationships, health and day to day experiences.

It's always a choice and just a little bit of planning. OK and a little bit of time.

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