The Ego and Your Higher Self

Which one do you listen to?

Hollywood depicts those conflicting voices in our minds with the imagery of a little angle like image of oneself sitting on one shoulder trying to steer you lovingly in the right direction and a mischievous or devil like image of oneself on the opposite shoulder filling our heads with unhelpful notions and thoughts. 

It can be quite confusing as we go through life trying to understand the messages we receive and which ones to follow and listen too – especially if were unfamiliar with the existence of the ego and higher self. Until we become aware that we actually have choices and choose to live consciously from our loving innate self - the ego voice remains dominant.

As you grow in self-awareness and love, moving towards your authentic true self you will be able to distinguish between the guidance and messages you receive and be able to recognise when you are listening too and living from your ego self or your higher self. 

The ego - was best described to me as “Emotions Going Overboard”. Our ego develops, is shaped and influenced by the experiences we have, by our perceptions, beliefs, judgements and labels of the world we observe, it is not our true self. In a sense the ego is trying to protect us from embarrassment and failure, it is primarily a survival mechanism based on a reactive thought process. The ego is short sighted and fear orientated, you can recognise when your ego is dominant by taking note of your thoughts and feelings and if your messages, choices or decisions are based on fear, status, jealousy, possessiveness, judgement, self-righteousness or defensiveness. The only way to move through the ego is through self-awareness.

The Higher Self – is you, the part of you that has not been influenced or affected by past wounds, negativity or judgements. It is you at your purest level and will always lead you towards more love, happiness, harmony, authenticity and your greatest good. 

I loved a comment I read on the higher self by Cindy Wigglesworth “Your higher self voice is calmer than the ego, it is the anti-chicken little”. 

You can recognise when you are listening to your higher self – again by taking notice of your thoughts and feelings – if your thoughts, choices and decisions are calm and centred, loving and compassionate. As your Higher Self is able to see the bigger picture with clarity, understanding, love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. Your higher self is able to guide you giving you a sense of authentic ease and clarity; it will show you the beauty and gratitude in all things and leave you with feelings of peacefulness, joy, compassion and love.

An excerpt from Dare to Dream - Your Journey of a Lifetime.

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