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I am very passionate about helping couples move forward positively in their relationship, creating or re-creating the love, connection, fun and fulfilment they desire and deserve.

When it comes to deciding on couples counselling, many couples see it as being the end or the last straw. For many this may be the case as everything they've tried hasn't seemed to of made a difference. I see couples counselling as a new beginning! Becoming aware that something needs to change and taking the action to change it is always a positive strength.

If you are struggling or desperately wanting to bring your relationship back to life - you are not alone. But more importantly you can re-kindle the love and passion that once existed. Having worked with many couples now I have seen even the most challenging experiences overcome and lives re-built together. For many couples though it is not uncommon the longer where with someone to go down the path of routines and demands. Where dullness creeps in and the pressures of life take over. Where little things can start to create big problems and arguments.

I can help you turn things around and help you - together - get back on the path that leads to enjoyment, fulfilment, creativity and love.

I would like to add though, as hard as it may seem, there are times when one of the partners has already decided to leave. Nothing will or can change their mind. Then there are times when couples just know it is not in either of their best interests to stay. If that becomes the case, I can help you move forward with the greatest of love through what may seem one of the greatest challenges people face.

Relationship Coaching packages also available; 5, 10 & 20 - 1 hour sessions - tailored to your specific needs.

I welcome you to contact me to see how I may be of assistance to you!

I Know What You're Capable Of, Sincerely...

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