i use to apologise for everything

I use to apologise for everything!
I'd even say sorry for saying sorry!
If I made something, wore something, changed my hair, almost anything I'd make an excuse or share a reason, an apology for why it wasn't perfect or better.
I'd worry 'they'd' think I was stupid, hopeless, see all the flaws & point it out, so I figured I'd point it out first.

How much energy do you think we waste worrying about what everyone else will think or say?
How much stress do you think we cause ourselves analysing everything (in regard to what others will think or say).
I'm sure you know it's way to much & totally uneccessary.

It is in our personal growth & development, looking within and really meeting ourselves that we can begin to acknowledge & change all the unhealthy, unhelpful, patterns of thought, self-sabotages, insecurities and suffering. There is nothing that we cannot change within ourselves, for it is our thinking, our perception & the meaning we place on things that makes it so.

It took me along time and probably a world record in 'apologies & sorry's' to figure it out. So much uneccessary, wasted time, energy, worry & stress. When we can meet ourselves, embrace ourselves, love, forgive & accept ourselves we do not need anyone elses approval.
As I wrote in my book;
When you can embrace yourself
- you can embrace others
When you can accept yourself
- You can accept others
When you can forgive yourself
- you can forgive others
When you can fully, truly love yourself
- you can fully, truly love others

The greater the relationship you have with yourself, the greater the relationship you experience with others.

And although there will be times when people do say hurtful, mean, negative things, we begin to understand it's a reflection of them & not take it personally.

There is a beautiful quote that I draw on frequently by Deepak Chopra, he writes "It helps to remember that everyone is living from their own level of consciousness"

This is our beautiful growth journey, with the abundance and ability to draw on a wealth of information, resources, tools & inspiration.

This is the stuff that gets me REALLY EXCITED because I know what's possible, I know that each & every one of us is capable of shedding the things that keep us stagnate, stuck and living in fear!
Each & every one of us is capable of creating a magnificent life. If we are open to growing, each day learning, applying something that will improve the quality of our lives & ultimately our families lives, our communities & the world 

Never forget how truly amazing, beautiful, capable & worthy you are 

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