what gratitude will do for you

For those who have followed my work, you'd know I talk a lot about gratitude.
It is such a powerful practise or as I say a lot “One of the simplest most powerful ways to transform your life".

With gratitude comes greater love, happiness, energy and well-being.

It has the power to move us from limitation and fear to expansion and love.

Science shows us that with gratitude we;

  • Are Happier
  • More optimistic
  • More present
  • Have more energy
  • Have a more forgiving attitude
  • Are more generous, helpful and compassionate
  • Feel less isolated
  • Sleep better
  • Feel more connected
  • Experience less anxiety and stress
  • Less depression

It all sounds very simple I know but it's easy to lose sight of all the wonderful people, moments and things in our lives and get stuck on all the things that may seem wrong, not done, painful, problematic or difficult. Without meaning to we can spend our time focusing on everything that doesn't seem perfect and miss seeing the multitude of things that are already. 

Gratitude is your key to happiness. 

What's really great is that the more you express gratitude, the more things you will see to be grateful for. It's simply how our brain works. It sees what you notice regularly and thinks that must be important to you so it ensures you see and experience more of it.

We can all incorporate the power of gratitude easily into our daily lives.
Here's a few ideas;

  • Start a gratitude journal or write your gratitude's in your diary each day (try writing at least 3 - 5 things)
  • Fall asleep thinking about all you are grateful for (you'll fall asleep with a smile)
  • Start a gratitude jar (add little notes each time you think of things you are grateful for. Leave it out where you see it everyday to remind you)
  • Practise a daily gratitude meditation. A few moments or minutes spent with your eyes closed, in a comfortable position focusing only on your breath and all you have to be grateful for
  • Take a gratitude walk. Head out into nature specifically focused on acknowledging gratitude as you walk
  • Ask Gratitude questions like;

What brought me happiness today? Who am I grateful for? What am I grateful for? Who inspired me today?

  • Each time you share a meal with family or friends, share your gratitude's. Whether 2 or 10 people, go around the table allowing every one to share something they are grateful for
  • Write a gratitude letter to say thank you to someone you are really grateful for. Not only will it make your day, but there's as well
  • Keep a little stone, crystal or note in your pocket (or bag), so each time you feel it or see it, you will be reminded to think about your gratitude's
  • Pin up your favourite gratitude quote where you will see it everyday. Your bedroom wall, fridge - anywhere you see it morning, noon and night.

Gratitude is a choice.

We can choose to be grateful for the gifts and blessings in our life, acknowledging them or we can take them for granted.

Choose to acknowledge gratitude and gratitude will give you so much more love and happiness.
Gratitude will transform your life!

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