The Good, the bad and the ugly

Life is abundant!

Overflowing with the good, the bad and the ugly. But let's also add to this time old saying 'the magnificent'

Hmmm the good, the bad, the ugly and the magnificent... better

To state anything else would be unrealistic and untrue. In saying that;

 - Some people just notice the good,

 - Some people just notice the bad and the ugly

For those that truly live consciously they notice and focus on the good and the magnificent,

What do you most notice? What do you most focus on?

 - Is it all the pain, struggle, drama, strife and all the things you can't control or change,

 - Or is it all the good and truly magnificent. From the simple pleasures and beauty that surrounds us daily to the glorious wonders of the world; full of people, places and events that lift our spirits, open our hearts and unite us in love.

You feel what you focus on!

Do all that you can to focus on all the good and all the magnificent and you'll notice even more of it.

Then do what you can to contribute, help, heal, improve, change and move forward from the bad and the ugly.

It always starts with you.

You can totally transform your life by choosing what you focus on!