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Sometimes we need a little less self-improvement & a lot more self-acceptance

As I was thinking recently about our need to be better, happier, loved and all the work that we do striving to improve ourselves. In all honesty; sometimes for the wrong reasons; to be liked, to fit in, to feel worthwhile and valuable - I found myself taking a deep breathe. Then I remembered a wonderful chapter in Dr Robert Holden's book 'Shift Happens' and thought I would share it with you today.

He writes:

"No amount of self-improvement can make up for a lack of self-acceptance.

After my book happiness now was published a journalist interviewed me on the subject of self-improvement. She found what I said surprising and refreshing. Afterwards she asked me to write 100 words on what she called my unique take on self-improvement. So here is what I wrote:

After living 16 years, 5844 days on the spiritual path, after sitting for 5000 hours in earnest meditation, after reading 1000 brilliant books on success, happiness and love, after listening to 500 motivational lectures and CD's, after attending 250 therapy sessions, after benefiting from 100 self-improvement workshops, after praying on my knees more times than I can count,  after going on 25 spiritual retreats, after enduring 10 fasts, after suffering 6 courses of colonic irrigation and after trying to forgive mum and dad more than once I finally got the key to happiness:"


"Some people are so busy striving for self-improvement that they have no time for self-acceptance. They also have no time for laughter, happiness or even relationships. Many times I've watched people use 'self-improvement' as a covert form of self attack. Heavily laced with self-criticism, self-loathing and a denial of wholeness. Self-improvement often starts with a perception of lack; in other words a thought of I'm not good enough, I'm not OK yet, unless this perception of lack is changed, you always end up where you started from, in lack. No amount of self-improvement is enough. There is no rest."

SELF-IMPROVEMENT is a beautiful gift...

There are so many ways we can learn and grow and I absolutely encourage it. To enjoy, contribute and make the most of this amazing journey we call life, but 

SELF-ACCEPTANCE is a must...

"With enough self-acceptance you will experience high levels of creativity, abundance and boundless bliss. Self-acceptance is your number one goal in life. WHY because for as long as you believe there is something unacceptable about you, you will push away love, you will sabotage success, you will unconsciously conspire against joy, you will struggle and you will never really find out who you are or what you are really capable of."

With self-acceptance you free yourself up to live and grow spontaneously, naturally, abundantly. (Dr Robert Holden. I highly encourage everyone to read his book 'Shift Happens'

Written every where in many forms is 'authenticity' being your true self. In my book 'Dare to Dream - Your Journey of a Lifetime' I write; authenticity is reached when your inner self, your higher mind and thoughts are aligned with your external actions, words and experiences. When you don't need or look for other people's opinions or approval. When you are free from worrying about being judged and remove the masks. When you are living authentically you free yourself from pretending to be someone you think others will like or from disguising and hiding the things you think others won't approve of. You can say 'no' without feeling guilty or obliged and say 'yes' out of love, because you choose to.

When you can embrace yourself - you can embrace others

When you can forgive yourself - you can forgive others

When you can accept yourself - you can accept others

When you can love yourself - you can fully, truly, love others.

It all begins with self-acceptance.

Today right now be willing to practise unconditionally self-acceptance, if you need some help you can start with my E-Course. It is full of tools and resources to love, embrace, forgive and accept yourself - for you are beautiful, capable, unique, amazing and worthy - don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

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