Money Matters

BLOG by Karen Offord

17th January 2015

"Money, money, money, must be funny in a rich man's world"

The lyrics from one of ABBA's hits ringing true for many. Well, for those of us old enough to know their music. And maybe not verbatim, but true in the general run of financial things.

Money Matters, there's no question about it. But how much? And who do you listen too? It can be a confusing world that often doesn't make any cents, I mean sense!

Money. We all desire it, need it and work for it - in many different ways. But like all things we desire and work for in our lives; we create it, we make it happen or we find reasons as to why we can't or we believe it's not possible and that were doomed to struggle. Now off course there are many underlying factors; what we believe (beliefs we have and those we've taken on board from our parents or past), what we know (the facts), what we think and focus on and what we do or don't do.

When it comes to money matters, I'd like to share with you the greatest financial advice I've ever received. you are in for a treat, so bear with me a moment.

Anthony Robbins, if your unfamiliar with him and his work, is a motivational, self-help speaker and author. He teaches and inspires millions of people around the world. From presidents, superstars, ceo's to people just like you and I. His charity work and leadership skills are up there with the best of the best. He has perfected his craft making him the worlds leader in personal and professional development.

Anthony has recently released his first major book in over 20 years. Money, Master the Game - 7 Simple Steps to financial freedom. Anthony has sourced from the best of the best. The elite, those who most of us have never even heard of. But those who have been there, done it, doing it. Anthony has enlisted the help of around 50 of these brilliant financial minds to help people like you and me; understand, plan realise and live their financial goals and dreams. I would personally include him in the elite list above. How did he get there? By doing what he teaches - learning from the best of the best, applying and taking massive, consistent action. "There are no failures in life, only results" Anthony Robbins.

If there's something you want to achieve in any area of your life, look to those who have successfully done and maintained what you hope to achieve. 

Some of you will look straight past this, believing financial freedom is not possible, "You have to have money to make money" and "You've heard it all before". Others will think "interesting one day I'll check it out." And some will go out, buy the book (hopefully read it) then put it aside.

Then there will be those of you that get really excited. Hungry for information that will lead you were you want to go. Not only will you buy it (which will be one of your greatest investments) but you will apply it and discover the invaluable tools, resources and information that are within it's pages. You'll discover and learn things specific and perfect for your situation, so you can begin to head in the direction of your financial dreams, with the guidance of people you can trust. You will know that the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday (Author Unknown).

Take away the judgements, the comparisons, the procrastination, the thoughts that don't serve you and the doubts; learn and you will grow and start to live the life you desire and deserve.

I sincerely encourage and hope that you will get your hands on a copy. On your IPad, the audio version or the paperback, because you and your family deserve to be financially aware and financially free. 

There is so much in this book it is mind blowing. If you can't afford it right now, go to your local library, if they don't have it they'll get it in for you - I promise.

Financial Freedom is now within everyone's reach.

Enjoy and may you make all your dreams come true.

"No matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy - Tony has something to offer you"
Hugh Jackman

"Tony empowers people to permanently transform their lives and create the world of their dreams. His techniques and methods are based on solid scientific research and his results are lasting. I value his friendship and admire the magnificence of his being."
Deepak Chopra M.D
Wellness Expert and Bestselling Author

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