I am a hopeless romantic!

I'll easily tear up at a beautiful love story. I feel a strange connection to the characters, hoping and willing them to find their path together - even though it's pretty obvious they will (eventually). Thoughts of "nobody puts baby in the corner", "you had me at hello" or "I wrote you every day for a year” just make me go all warm and fuzzy.

I feel the same sense whenever I see couples together, happy and in love. I silently wish them the most absolute joy and marvellous life together. I also silently wish, for those that are struggling, that they will find their way with love as their guiding light in the present, instead of the shadows of their past.

In my work as a relationship counsellor I see a lot of struggling couples. But unlike the movies it doesn't guarantee they'll stay together and live happily ever after. In a lot of cases it does, but not all, I wish it did, but then again maybe it's not meant to.

My heart also always goes out to the single ones who've shut down from past hurts, who question if true love actually exists and to those that have all but given up. 

There's not a soul I've met that doesn't light up in love.

I know there’s someone beautiful and perfectly matched for everyone. For some that person is right in front of them, for others they need to open their hearts again and believe they will find them.

I recently read a tweet from Mastin Kipp @the dailylove, he wrote "when you find the person you’re meant to be with you'll know why it didn't work out with anyone else.

For those who've found the love of their life I know you'll be nodding with a smile.

We are all here on this earth to give and receive love; it's there for each and every one of us.

So this post is about love, hope and believing.

  • If you’re with the one you love, tell them and show them every day in word and in action. 
  • If you’re not, never give up or stop believing but live and love your life to the fullest until you meet.

Love surrounds us, but to truly feel it; it has to start from within.

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