Just a thought...

I was thinking recently after a friend told me I think too much (a habit I'll never change). That a little more thought can never go astray if the thoughts are thoughtful and used in a productive way.

So now I'm a poet too! But seriously, a little more thought into how and what we think would totally change our lives. 

Just the mere thought of that should get you thinking. I mean really think about it. If instead of thinking about all the things we can't change, all the drama, past hurts, problems, guilt and so on, we spent more time thinking about what's really great, what’s really possible, what's available to us and what we can do to change the things we don't love. And about how to create and bring our dreams to life, just imagine our state of mind. Imagine how much better life would be, how happier and more productive we'd be.

Imagine how different life would be after a whole year of this new way of thinking 

It's just a thought. But as many a great teacher has said before "thoughts become things"

Thinking is one of the most powerful ways to totally change your life. It's where dreams and ideas are born, shifts happen and 'aha' moments take place. Followed by a whole lot of action and you’re on your way.

2016 has just begun. We can clear the slate and start with a brand new canvas, brand new thoughts and make it the beginning of our best year ever! 
If we think we can.

I just thought (again) how wonderful it would be if teachers and parents taught "if you want a better life - think better thoughts.

You’re going to think anyway so why not think about it.

What do you think?

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