Great Relationships Don't Just Happen

However you look at it relationships;

Take effort energy and work.

To make love or excuses,

To build walls or break them down,

To communicate or ignore,

To contribute or hold back,

To discuss or get angry.

Every great relationship starts with you!

What effort are you making?

Where do you put your energy?

Focus on now,

From where you are,

With what you have,

Right now!

Say “I Love You” every day,

Focus on all the great things about your partner,

No matter how big or small.

Be sure to tell them,

And remember;

If you want more love – be more loving,

If you want more affection – be more affectionate,

If you want more joy – be more joyful,

As Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see”

Great relationships don’t just happen,

We make them happen!

And you can make yours great too!

No matter how you look at it;

Your using and making an effort,

Make sure your energy and effort goes to thing that

Make a great relationship – not break it.

Be the very best version of you!

This is your life; don’t waste a minute of it!

You deserve to be in a beautiful, loving, great, relationship,

And you absolutely can!

Now go give your partner a beautiful kiss,

If there not with you right now,

Send them a beautiful message.


Make your relationship worthy of a Legend!