Everything begins with a vision of something better!

As I see each of my dreams come true, I am humbled, grateful and reminded that once they were just a thought.... A vision of something better.

The distance between an initial dream, thought or vision to its actual reality is anything from hours to years depending on the vision and dream.

Time passes no matter what, but nothing comes to life unless we act, and our dream is so important to us that we must stay on track, focused, determined, if we ever wish to see it come to life. 

Anything else simply remains a wish, a nice thought. Then years go by and nothing has changed. You may wake up one day and kick yourself, wish, ask why, why, why or give yourself the dreaded curse of regret. But dreams can be re-kindled, unless you’re in your fifties and dreamt of being an NBA star, maybe it's too late. But there is always hope, always something that can spark your imagination and give you the passion to strive and live an extraordinary life and fulfil dreams that once were just a thought.

I often hear the distinguished voice of Martin Luther king and his famous speech "I have a dream" and I smile, me too I think to myself and then feel the sense of accomplishment as I revisit each one and remember the first step I took. Through all the fear, the planning, the action, the knock backs and setbacks and then the triumph.

We all have dreams, we all deserve to live them but only those who know why and what with absolute clarity and dedication can hope to bring them to life.

What's brilliant is that we all possess the ability to do so.

Dreams can be as simple as being a better parent, partner or friend to building an enterprise. Each one is important if it means something to you and makes your life and others lives that much better.

May your dreams, your vision of something better stir you up so much that you take action, even just a little step every day, to bring it to life.

If your looking to bring your dreams to life, make your relationship worthy of a legend or live a healthier, happier life I welcome you to contact me today for a free discovery call!

This is your life! Don't waste a minute of it unhappy, unfulfilled or struggling!