A little story about love

I thought I’d share a little story about LOVE
My past & present

Firstly LOVE is...
The highest form of energy, the greatest gift & reason for this incredible journey of life.

Secondly I am in LOVE...
I am in LOVE with life, although once I wasn’t.
Burdened with the ghosts of the past, the thoughts, actions & experiences that did not serve me, were not for my highest good, but all I knew at the time & part of my glorious journey, making me who I am today.
Now I know & see how truly magnificent & precious life is.
I LOVE how there is so much beauty & joy in this world once our eyes are open to see it.

I am in LOVE with the excitement of what’s possible, although once I wasn’t. Burdened by doubts & fears, lack of self-belief & listening to those who had no authority, no support or desire for my success or happiness.
Now I know & see what’s possible & that each of us are capable to create beyond our wildest dreams.
I LOVE how there is so much available to us, so much inside us to create the life we desire.

I am in LOVE with people, although once I wasn’t.
Burdened by negativity, focused on the hurt, faults, weakness, selfishness, pain. Unconditional love did not fill my heart, but now I know & believe that everyone is doing their best from their level of consciousness, their journeys are their own, filled with peril but also with hope that they are, we all are, truly magnificent & capable of amazing things if we/they choose to see it & act upon it.
Now I see the courage, the LOVE, the support, along with the struggles & heartache & each night I send unconditional loving white energy to all that they will know peace, love & happiness & I pray that each will find their way & discover who they are & what their capable of.
I LOVE that everywhere I look now I see smiles, people growing, learning & accomplishing great things. I believe in the goodness, kindness & LOVE that resides in all.

I am in LOVE with myself, although once I wasn’t.
Burdened by shame, guilt & beliefs of not being good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, capable or worthy enough. I lacked the greatest treasure of self-worth & self-love.
Now I can stand true in front of the mirror or quietly in the depths of my soul & say “I Love You” “I am enough”
I LOVE that I now accept, embrace, forgive & love myself.

Sometime ago my focus, my energy, my thoughts were shadowed in doubt, fear, pain & despair, but LOVE has become my mantra & reason behind all that I do, think & say.

If LOVE was our most used word, our foundation for all that we do & think, for all that we create, for all those we come in contact with, then everyone would be in LOVE with life, with what’s possible, with each other & with ourselves.

Our lives would be over flowing with joy; creating, doing, being all in the name of LOVE

And Last but not least...
Let us fall in LOVE, stay in LOVE, act in LOVE & allow LOVE to be the foundation, the corner stone, the light, the reason, in every area of our lives.

As the Beatles sang “All we need is LOVE”

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