BIG Dreams and Goals

A bit of a different question regarding our dreams and goals...

When we think of our dreams and goals quite often they’re BIG.
We want to start that business or soulpreneur journey,
We want to take our existing business to a whole new level,
We want to study something, go back to school or University,
We want to find our soul mates,
We want to get that beautiful house in that perfect location, driving that fabulous new car,
We want that overseas holiday,
We want healthy, toned bodies,

All beautiful, valid, good dreams and goals that everyone of us is capable of achieving but what about the desire to live a beautiful, peaceful, joyful life, being authentic & free to live as we choose, as we truly are, to contribute just by our beautiful presence, love, compassion, kindness & very being.
These may not seem like dreams and goals but they’re definitely something we all want.
Joyful, deep connections with others & an uncomplicated, joyful, meaningful life.

So my question is what do you do on a daily basis to bring this much desired way of living & being to life?

And my thought to ponder... what if...
You spent more time, being, enjoying, seeing the beauty, living in the moment excited, happy, grateful with all you have right now that in doing so you raised your vibration & experienced more joy & alignment of who you truly are (free from trying to please the world & be all the things the world demands & says you must be, do, have) that all these beautiful BIG dreams and goals began to unfold. In your joy & relieving yourself of so much pressure you opened the path to bringing to life the BIG things you desire, that currently weigh heavily on your mind. Doors would open, perfect contacts would appear, ideas, thoughts & inspiration would flow. The work you do in aiming to achieve these BIG goals would be much more joyful.

What if you relaxed more
What if you believed more
What if you enjoyed what you currently have more
What if you choose to enjoy what you currently do more
What if you enjoyed the excitement of what’s coming more
What if spent more moments living presently in awe of the beauty that surrounds you more
What if you loved yourself more
What if you embraced who you are & all your glorious uniqueness more
What if you focused on the joy, the love more
What if you choose to go with the flow of your desires (instead of fighting the current & the world) more
What if you woke up each morning & chose to smile & get excited for a new day more
What if you did what lights you up & brings you joy more

Day by day you would increase your joy,
Day by day you would feel better, more alive, more clear, more energised

We cannot manifest our BIG dreams and goals if we are living in a state of lack, a state of desperately working our fingers to the bone, stressing, focused on why it’s not working or happening, our minds often wandering off into despair, or comparison, upset, feeling down because ‘she’s’ done it, she’s living it or has it...

Raising your energy vibration by way of consciously living in joy, pure, simple joy as I’ve mentioned, will open you up to being in alignment of bringing into being that which you desire.

I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s definitely doable as you raise your awareness & consciously choose Joy in the very moment you’re in, day by day, step by step.

Your BIG dreams and goals await you coming into alignment of who you truly are.

Love Karen

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