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Personal Development for Life - You deserve it - need it, everyday
June 10, 2019

Good morning, it's another glorious day in this magnificent journey we call Life!

I hope, as always, this email finds you fabulous,

I just wanted to send out a short email to remind you how important you are & how important it is for you to Love & Nurture yourself - to not only make your life more enjoyable & meaningful but also because in doing so you will naturally have a beautiful impact on your loved one's! And that makes for a beautiful life. As your presence & beautiful energy naturally lifts & inspires those around you.

With that said, I'd like to share one beautiful way you can nurture yourself & give yourself the time, the moments to just breath, just be. To relax & unwind & create a deeper connection with you - that is; being amongst nature... alone

You deserve it - You need it, everyday

How often do you go to the park, the beach, the river, garden or rainforest to just sit, just breathe, just be?

Now I know how busy you are & depending on where you live it's not always possible to head of to a beautiful, natural location. I now live minutes from the beach, I love it but before I moved I was a good hours drive away, so as much as I loved it, heading there everyday wasn't possible. But there where many beautiful parks nearby that I would visit each day & on the days I couldn't make it there I'd sit amongst the trees at my home.


It is Therapy in itself.

Allow me to encourage you, every single day to find time (even 5 minutes in your own backyard) to be amongst it. To feel your feet on the grass, the breeze, to sit by a beautiful old tree, the river, the beach, a garden. Somewhere you can allow yourself a few moments to just breath.

You can use this time just for the joy of being in nature & the gift it brings,

You can use this time to practise being in silence & stilling your mind,

You can use this time to meditate; on nothing or something in particular that has been on your mind. Ask for guidance, answers & be open to exploring possibilities & open to seeing the answers come... maybe not in that moment, but if you're open you will see them.

You can use this time to journal, be creative, dream...

Nature truly is one of the greatest gifts we have been given & everyone has access to it, it's beauty, it's healing, our own personal growth just being around & amongst it.


The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author

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