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Personal Development for Life - Happy 2018
January 06, 2018

Hello, hello, hello & a very big happy New Year to you,

I hope you all had a magnificent Christmas & brought in the new year with family & friends & a whole lotta love & excitement!

Life gives us infinite chances & opportunities to start a new & the beginning of a new year is one of those times where we all feel it, believe & pursue it even more. Every day & every moment holds the potential for miracles & magnificence, but there’s something extra special about the beginning of a new year.

And I’m sure, like me, you’re feeling it & ready to say “this is my year” To attract more opportunities, adventure, excitement, love & joy.

So firstly to help you get started I’d like to share with you my E-Course for Women ‘Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self’ This E-Course is designed to help you create a life you love & ultimately discover how truly beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing you are, it’s the perfect way to kick start your year! You’ll find all the details vis the link below.

Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self E-Course

Secondly I’d like to share with you a wonderful little (simple but powerful) exercise.

This is an exercise I first heard from the wonderful and inspirational Brendon Burchard, one that can help bring about the changes you desire.

All you do is think about three words that define and describe the person you want to be or what you want to feel in 2018.

Do you wish to be more loving, generous, thoughtful, kind, relaxed, calm, enthusiastic, successful, energetic, confident, happy? Maybe you wish to be a better parent, partner, lover or friend.

The list is endless; unique for you, your life and your personal or professional goals and desires.

Simply write the 3 words that define the person you desire to be or how you wish to feel;

1. _____________________________________

2. _____________________________________

3. _____________________________________

Now add them as an alarm or reminder to your mobile phone. Morning, noon and night.

Allow the reminders to flash up on your phone. You can take it one step further & as you see them, ask yourself;

“Am I being (or just "Am I") ____________ today” If not; ask yourself;

“What can I do to be more _____________?”

The more you see, ask and action;

The more you will become the very words on your list.

You can even print them out and put a copy in your wallet, on your fridge, car dashboard. Anywhere you will regularly see it.

Such a simple exercise but one that can have a wonderful, positive impact in your life. Leading you in a positive and productive direction.

Let’s make 2018 EPIC

And for those of you super excited & dedicated to really bring about the changes you desire my Love the Life You Live Coaching calendar is open for 2018. If you’d like to book in a free discovery call to discuss your goals and dreams then email me today at or click on the link below to lock in a call today.

And may I again wish you the most Magnificent, successful, happy new year, Lots of love Karen

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