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Personal Development for Life - Off the Grid
May 01, 2019

Off the Grid

A very big hello to you on this glorious Wednesday,

Last weekend I went off the grid for an adventure, four wheel driving to a glorious creek in the middle of no where. A creek filled with all sorts of quartz crystals, birds & nature in abundance.

It was beautiful trekking up the river.

Nature truly is therapy in itself & I will & do always encourage a good dose of it every week. It doesn’t have to be a long trip to the middle of nowhere like mine was, even a walk in the park or along the beach, sitting by a river or just a beautiful tree in your own backyard is beautiful & therapeutic. Allow it’s beauty to captivate you. Allow yourself to be in awe of your surroundings & this beautiful free gift & enjoy the silence, the presence, allowing your mind to fill & overflow with love & joy & gratitude.

For those moments you can’t get away & really need to, you can revisit these beautiful days & moments in your mind, with your eyes closed, reliving it, feeling it, smiling... until you can get amongst it again.

Till next time, to your success & loving the life you live!

Karen xxx

The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author

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