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Personal Development for Life - Share What Makes You Smile
June 09, 2016

Hello, on this wonderful Thursday evening!

A little extra email from me this week...

Because I thought you might like to do something special!

As you may know I have a wonderful program called 'Share What Makes You Smile - For A Great Cause'

A simple way to help those in need, by way of uploading a photo that makes you smile. That's it :)

Then my sponsors and I will pay $1 for every photo we recieve to The Magic Moments Foundation. A wonderful non-profit organisation that helps put smiles on the faces of those who need it most.

So if you have a spare moment, I'd love you to add your photo - something that makes you smile.

- It could be a beautiful flower, sunset, magnificent old building, your family, the grandkids. The list is endless, we have so much to smile about.

Simply click on the link below to upload your photo.

Well I thank you and wish you the most amazing rest of your week!

P.S This is something I encourage parents to get their kids to do too! It really does feel good; acknowledging the things that make you smile, sharing it and knowing your photo has just helped someone in need.

Share What Makes You Smile

Just to let you know;

For our 1st year we raised $100 - I'd love to double that this year. With everybody's photo's I know we can do that!

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Share What Makes You Smile For A Great Cause

To your success & loving the life you live!

Because You Can!

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