You can make them all fantastic!

Relationships are one of the truly great blessings of being human. They are vital to our existence and well-being.

It's not hard to see that relationships are the underlying cause of our problems and insecurities. But they are also the reason for our greatest joys, whether were talking about the relationship we have with our partners, children, parents, siblings, friends, work colleagues or associates.

The success and happiness of each of our relationships depends on the most important relationship we will ever have, the one we can never hide from...

The Relationship we have with Ourselves. 

Relationships should bring thoughts & feelings of;

Just to name a few - I know you can come up with loads more!

Unfortunately were often so stuck or focused on all the negative things from our past experiences (which could be past relationships or events that happened in our current relationships) that we forget or don't allow ourselves to focus on all the wonderful things that are or could be happening in the relationships that surround us now.

If we, in this very moment start to focus on, acknowledge and action the very words and feelings that we'd like to experience in our relationship, we would start to see them. What we consistently focus on - what we consistently think - is what we experience. This is now indisputable science, and why developing the relationship with yourself is absolutely vital. It's the driving force behind the reality we live, the life we experience. The relationship you have with yourself is the one relationship you can never walk away from or hide from, the one relationship that will affect all others. I encourage you to clink on the Personal Development pages to grow, learn, acknowledge and embrace YOU 

When we can embrace ourselves, we can embrace others,

When we can accept ourselves, we can accept others,

When we can forgive ourselves, we can forgive others,

When we can love ourselves, we can love others.

The purpose of this page is to focus on the relationship with our partner, that special someone in your life!

But remember; it always starts with you.

The greater relationship you have with yourself - the greater the relationship you will have with others!

Anthony Robbins brilliantly states: "Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won't be an end"

Dr Wayne Dwyer brilliantly states: "Hold hands not grudges"

We can grow from remembering and applying the most simplest of statements. Life doesn't need to be hard, we often just make it that way, why suffer?

It always comes back to our thoughts, our focus and our choices.

Much more coming soon!

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