Memorable Moments

A.K.A Quality Time

Anthony Robbins brilliantly states;

"Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and it will never end"

Wayne Dyer brilliantly states:

"Hold hands not grudges"

I remember saying to Greg, early on in our relationship "we'll be together forever if we continue with the same enthusiasm, effort, devotion and love we expressed in the beginning". A beautiful sentiment I like to call effortless effort. The effort you make that doesn't seem like an effort at all. Because; you want to, you choose to - consciously, with a smile. Taking care of yourself, being the best you can be and taking care of each other. To nurture, grow and enhance what's already there.

A while back I read a comment by Dr Phil, he said each morning when he wakes up, he thinks to himself (about his wife) "what can I do to make your day better?" A thought I have since happily taken on board. And I can't help imagine - what if everybody did that?

Many years ago I put together a list and labelled it 'Memorable Moments'. It was a kind of to-do and re-do list, to keep things fresh, varied and fun. In many books it's 'Quality Time' - either way it's something we can do - should do, to keep the spark alive. 

You can schedule in a regular time - a date night even - or be spontaneous! Plan something from 'sweet & simple' to 'extravagant'. You can both plan it together or take turns to surprise the other.

Give 100% of yourself, your time, your energy to the one you love, in that moment.

Below is a fun list of some wonderful ideas, memorable moments! 

If you can think of something you would like to share, any idea you have or a moment you've enjoyed I welcome you to click on this link - and I will happily add it to the list. 

Dinner for two, somewhere other than your dining table or lounge!

A beautiful picnic! In your own backyard, a beautiful park or the beach!

Do you have any home movies?

When was the last time you looked through your photo albums together - relive wonderful past memorable moments.

Watch the sunrise together. "Coffee and a muffin"

Watch the sunset together with a glass of wine, a cheese plate or just in each others arms.

Play a game;

Chess, Scrabble, Yatzee, Cards, Monopoly - the list is endless.

Write each other a love letter.

Or do a fun quiz together - free quiz!

Find a great recipe, head to the supermarket together to get what you need. Put your aprons on (if nothing else) and cook up a storm!

Bake up a sweet treat

Together :) 

Get sporty!

 - Hire a court

 - Go to the pitch

 - Bowling

Learn an instrument together!

Go for a walk holding hands - we don't do enough of it.

Kiss, Kiss and more kissing! Cheeky little ones and beautiful slow passionate one's!

If your partner loves shopping (& you don't) - go with them once & awhile - just to enjoy something they love!

If your partner loves watching the game (& you don't) - join them once in awhile - learn about it. Share in something they love!

Design your dream home - as if you both had a million dollars to spend!

Plan, extend or create a garden! 

Plant a tree!

Decorate the house together at Christmas - put on a Christmas movie or music, some Christmas food and deck the halls!

Plan a wonderful get away! Save, schedule and enjoy!

Visit a museum or old library. Rumage around at a garage sale or antique shop!

Find your own little quaint or trendy cafe and make your own secret rendezvous! 

Give each other a relaxing massage or foot rub. There's plenty of instructional books and dvd's, If your not sure.

Spend a day wandering around your local market!

Create a scrap book - take photos and print out wallet size snapshots. Add them to a memorable moments scrapbook. Be creative!




Find a hobby or something you can collect together - something unique and fun!

Go to the pound and rescue a cat or a dog!

Find the perfect name for your new family member (can you create one from parts of your own names?)

Go camping - forget the hair dryer, computer and embrace nature!


Roller Blading

Bike riding


Learn a new language!

"je t'aime"

Find a TV Series you'll both fall in love with!

Record it for something to look forward to at a regular convenient time.

Fulfil a fantasy. Is there one you can have fun with? If not, there are many books on the market to help you get creative... Sexplore!

When was the last time you had a shower or bath together?

This was taken from a recent trip Greg & I took to Eagle View Escape in Blue Mountains. Magnificent couples short getaway!

Enjoy a goal or dream night!

Book in a glamour photo shoot - just for fun! Dress up, get crazy, get sexy and have your memorable moment framed!

Take a class together!

 - Dancing

 - Yoga

 - Cooking

Dance to your wedding song in your lounge room.

or Pick a couple song if you don't have one already!

Make the most of your time,
Find the time to be together; to nurture, grow and enhance your relationship,
It will be worth every minute, every moment!

Most importantly; No matter how it turns out....
The aim is to be together.
Don't forget to smile, laugh and enjoy just being together creating wonderful lasting memorable moments.

Don't forget - you both need YOU TIME. Time alone to rejuvenate, replenish, relax and just be! Check out the link to Memorable Moments Alone

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