Are you ready to go for your dreams and goals?

If you are you must be prepared to work, to make a commitment, to get back up when you fall, falter or fail, because you will, more than once. You must remember that these are the beautiful moments we learn from, the moments that strengthen us, the moments we will one day draw upon to encourage others, inspire others or to apply to our next big goal or dream. These are the moments that lead to our success, so you can confidently say "I did it" & "if I can, you can, with a grateful, humble heart.

If you are ready you must make space in your life, physically, mentally & emotionally to open the way for what you want. 
You must remove or cut back on all the things that stand in your way or hold you back, this includes negative people, TV, hours wasted on negative, unhelpful, thoughts, pity parties & self-doubt. You don't have to but if you truly want to succeed, you must.

If you truly want something in your life get started & find a way that works for you, that will keep you motivated & taking action every day. Find something that will keep you moving towards your goal, because what may work for someone else may not be right for you.
- It may be a scheduling or planning tool,
- A support buddy or friend to walk with you,
- A coach to help you, inspire you & hold you positively accountable,
- It may be as simple as sticking up a picture of what you want to achieve. Seeing it everyday,
- It may be a visualisation technique of experiencing your desired result in every sense,
Whatever works for you.

But you need a plan,
You need a direction, 
You need to get started,
You need to know with the greatest conviction WHY you want it, WHY you'll keep doing what you must to get there, what it will mean for you, your life, your family or your community to achieve this goal.

Your goal or dream may be personal or professional, seemingly small or on a global scale. It doesn't matter, if it means something to you, it's important & it deserves your dedication, determination & courage to see it through, to keep going when the challenges show up or people laugh & tell you you can't. This is where your why comes in. Your why will be your emotional fuel to keep going when the challenges show up (& they will).

You will need to be prepared to
- Invest in you
- Research
- Study
- Read
- Plan
- Brainstorm
- Make mistakes
- Try new things
- Step out of your comfort zone
- Face your fear & do it anyway
- Build your self belief, knowing that so many before you did & you betcha you can too

Always remember that you don't have to do it alone
- There are thousands of inspirational stories of triumph to give you hope, inspiration & direction,
- There are thousands of virtual mentors to show you the way & teach you the tools & skills you need
- There are thousands of resources available freely to every one
- There are thousands of coaches ready to guide you with the goal of ultimately helping you get the results you want
- There are thousands of support groups online & off (my own group Personal Development for Women, is one of those groups )

As my brilliant coach always said "everything begins with a vision of something better"

So don't ever stop dreaming, hold fast to your dreams, see them in your mind so vivid as if they had already come to be and take action every day to fill in the gap that will take you from where you are to where you want to go.


The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor & Author 

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