Where are your thoughts right now?

Have I caught you thinking about all that needs to be done, all you haven’t done, all you want to do. Worrying, stressing. Have I caught you stuck in your past, thinking of the future, focused on what he said, she said, why...

Have I caught you in this very moment, feeling blessed, alive, excited, enjoying what this very moment brings & can be.

Your thoughts right now, in this moment, create your next moment & the next & so it goes.

We're human, we will find our minds travelling here & there, past & future, good & bad, but when you can begin to catch yourself in as many moments as you can NOT living in the present, life begins to change, beautifully. For now is all you have, now is the only time where change takes place & miracles can occur.

  • Now is the moment to love, to choose joy, to embrace life.
  • Now is the moment to create, to be inspired, to start living consciously,
  • Now is the moment.

It's good to visit the past sometimes, but with a purpose, for there are many lessons there that can give us strength, courage & wisdom.

It's good to visit the future sometimes, to dream, to plan, to think about where your heading, what you desire.

But now is where you want to spend most of your time, otherwise we miss so much...

  • The smiles,
  • The laughter,
  • The sunsets,
  • The breeze
  • The beauty that surrounds us in so many way,

How many glorious moments have we missed because we were stuck somewhere else worrying, stressing, focused on things that can never change. So busy & consumed in these things that we miss our child trying to share a moment with us, desperately wanting our full attention, we miss our partners, friends or colleagues sharing a beautiful story, a new dream, an exciting event. We’re there but we’re not there. We miss the opportunities & possibilities, the chance to give our attention & energy to what we could do differently, what we could do positively & productively to change the things we don’t love, to enhance the things we do.

Now is the moment,

Where are your thoughts right now in this moment...

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