what did you do today to lead you one step closer to your goal?

What did you do today to lead you one step closer to your dream?

Because; Every step leads you that one step closer...

Every step is exciting, a little victory, something to celebrate...

Even the steps that seemingly take you backwards teach you something...

So what step did you take today?

Did you;

  •  - Sit & just dream, visualising what it will look like & feel like,
  •  - Write a list,Create a plan,
  •  - Enlist the help of a mentor or friend,
  •  - Read a book specific to what your trying to create & bring to life,
  •  - Meditate on possibilities,
  •  - Follow up,
  •  - Chase up,Research,
  •  - Have an amazing aha moment, a breakthrough or discover or learn something new,

Did you believe with all your heart its possible, still possible.

  •  - No matter how far you’ve gone or how many said you can’t.
  •  - No matter whether your dream is personal or professional, big or small.
  •  - No matter whether your want to find love, fall deeper in love, start a business, become a great chef, a better Mum, partner or friend, create a movement, start a revolution - it’s in every little step you take, every little action, every positive thought, every ounce of belief you have in what you desire, what you dream - that will bring it to life.

I’d love you to really think about what step you took today to lead you that one step closer? Or what step you could take right now?

For me this evening I sat down with my partner & really shared with such excitement, enthusiasm & belief all of my new business dreams & the plan & steps I need to take to get there. As Pantene coined the phrase ‘it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’ only because I believe it will & I will do everything it takes to make it happen! If I get stuck I’ll research, if I need answers I’ll ask the right questions, if I need guidance I’ll look to my mentors, if I get tired, loose my focus or start to doubt I will remind myself why I am doing what I’m doing, who I’m doing it for & ultimately what it will mean for me, my family, my community & the world.

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