What a funny thing life is!

So complicated & yet so simple,

So full of pain & yet so full of joy,

With so much hate & so much love,

The ups and downs, twists & turns,

What a funny thing life is!

We are born with greatness & yet we allow it to be squashed, we keep it hidden or worse convince ourselves we are not.

We have so much to give & yet we often hold back,

We are afraid of what others may say or think if we dare to be ourselves & yet there are so many wanting, waiting, needing to see us be who we truly are. For it inspires & reaches the hearts of many, encouraging others to break out & stop hiding & start living in their authenticity,

What a funny thing life is!

Full of tears & full of laughter,

Full of wisdom & full of deceit,

Full of barriers & yet full of tools & resources to knock them down,

What a funny thing life is!

What are we to do as a human race,

So many ready to bring to destruction, waste time & talk nonsense & yet so many ready, acting, sharing, caring, spreading hope, love & joy.

But as they say “everything begins with you”

Do we make our lives more complicated! You betcha,

Do we self-sabotage & torture ourselves unnecessarily, you betcha,

Why would we do that to ourselves?

Because we fear, we feel lack, we’ve taken onboard individuals comments & the collective consciousness of what is wrong, what the world & others state we should be, should do, no matter how distorted, we believe it. We’ve forgotten who we are, what we’re capable of.

And in that we spend too much time;

  • Worrying about what was that can never change,
  • Worrying about what if... when we have the chance & choice to change it, to create better
  • Worrying about what others will think & say, deep down knowing we / you / I, cannot, will not, ever please everyone. For we are all on our own journey, but those that ridicule, put down, spread fear & doubt (often unknowingly) take others down their path of fear & destruction because they know no other way, it gives them (an all be it false sense of security & power). They live in their fear & just like everyone else they don’t want to feel alone or left out so they take others down with them. But in living our truth, our lives authentically we are happy, we bring joy to so many, we are free. We are able to make a difference.

Instead of pouring all of our energy & focus on how we can contribute to the world, how we can create more love, more joy, we complicate our lives by staying stuck & focused on things that are not for our highest good or the highest good of others. Even though it may seem hard to believe we choose to stay stuck, we choose to struggle unnecessarily. We choose complicated over simplifying, we choose fear over love, we choose yo see the worst instead of the best.

But in saying that comes the greatest awareness of them all, we can choose differently.

You can choose Love, you can choose Joy, you can choose you.

We can choose to stand up, to embrace who we are, to truly love who we are. To share our messages of love & hope. To reach out, support & help in any way we can, to shine our light, that brilliant, unique, bright light within each of us.

We just have to choose to turn it on & turn it up for the world to see.

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