If I could ease all your pain,
If I could give you everything you need and desire,
If I could make you smile everyday,
If I could give you unconditional love that you felt every single day.
If I could be your best friend, through the good times & the bad. To be right there, excited for all your wins, celebrating with you & listening through all your pain and struggles.

If I could, I would,

One absolute thing I can do is tell you with such confidence & truth that you can do all these things for yourself. And when you do them for yourself you can show others how they can too.

First we become aware that we can, every single one of us can,
Secondly we start to look, there is a wealth of information right here in our group, from books, podcasts, resources, tips & tools. We reach out if ever we get stuck, all though we have everything we need within us sometimes we just need direction, a place to start till we can tap into the power & potential of our own minds.
Thirdly we surround ourselves with the right people, online & offline. Those that will encourage, support, inspire & cheer you on (like minded people) as we will also do the same for them.
Fourthly we take action every single day, even if some days it’s only small. But we continue to build & strengthen our belief that all things are possible, that we have access to everything we need, that we have the power to bring our dreams to life, to recreate our lives & become our most beautiful authentic selves.
And in that we grow, we learn, we discover we do have what it takes, we are incredible, beautiful, worthy, capable & amazing women & as we tap into this incredible truth our presence & beautiful new energy naturally lifts & inspires those around us.

For most of you from a distance I can share all I know, to comfort, to teach, to bring joy, friendship, support, encouragement, guidance, inspiration & love. It is truly my honour, my privilege & my purpose in this life.

I will continue to grow myself, to study, to learn, to try, to apply, to even fail, but to always get back up, to set an example, to share my joys, my hardships & in them, most importantly the value and lessons in each experience. I will continue to give you all that I can, the very best of me so that I can achieve what I set out to do and that is to help as many women as possible discover, know & believe in the depths of their souls how truly beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing they are & to help them create a life that they love.

This is my vow & commitment to you as I am so grateful & love each and every beautiful woman in our tribe. We exist because of you & together we can make such a beautiful difference in the world.

Love Karen 

The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author 

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