The POWER in our Beliefs

Warning; If you are offended by language, then skip this one.

However it is a raw message with the deepest love & admiration for all

We can easily believe so many things,
Things that are not truths, things that are to our detriment & not for our highest good. How easily we take them onboard & then suffer greatly for it.

It’s time we looked at our beliefs & started to take onboard some truths.

Starting with believing in yourself;
- So you can breathe, mindfully, peacefully, joyfully, unconditionally & guilt free,
- So you can take charge of your life, stand up, stand tall, be you & be proud,
- So you can fully pursue your desires, your dreams, the things that light you up, make you giggle, feel excited & bursting with joy.

Believe in yourself...

You must...

Now there’s a million reasons you could present to yourself why you can’t, God knows the world has already done that to you,
We’ve heard them all, we retell, relive, reaffirm them everyday.

- I’’m no good, not pretty enough, smart enough, worthy enough,
- I haven’t achieved anything,
- I’m useless, I’m hopeless, 
- I’ve been victimised my whole life
- I was abused so I cannot be worthy,

Here I stand as a woman, as a Professional, as a mum & say...

Fuck it!
Fuck what you’ve been told!
Fuck all those beliefs you’ve taken onboard because;
- Someone else didn’t see your worth, 
- Someone else was going through their own pain & transferred it to you,
- Someone else said “you couldn’t, you shouldn’t” because secretly they are afraid of being left behind or secretly wishing they had the courage to pursue what you’re wanting to do. And mark my words if you do it anyway, they are secretly watching & later will say “I knew you could” or on a positive note, they will then be inspired to take a leap of faith & pursue something they’ve always dreamt of doing but never had the courage to do.

Who in this world can ever justify or tell you - you can’t, you are not (fill in the blank) Who?

Not one sole!
Not one sole other than yourself & even that comes from your own lack of faith & again listening to the wrong people. But it is something you have complete control over & can change at any moment.

You can start this very moment (despite anything you’ve been through or anything you’ve been told or anything you’ve heard) believing in yourself. The one & only person qualified to know, to do, to act. You can in this very moment start believing you are just as glorious, just as beautiful, just as capable, just as worthy as every other sole on the planet.
The difference in living a greater, more rewarding, fulfilling, joyful life will be in your beliefs, your choices. Choosing to believe in yourself, despite what the world has told you.

How many mums out there, beautiful, amazing, hard working, dedicated mums with such low self-esteem, such harsh self criticisms & judgements would be horrified to think their daughters or sons felt that way about themselves. We teach our children to value themselves, to believe in themselves. We tell them every day how beautiful, fun, talented, smart & capable they are & yet we secretly live in a world of fear, doubt, self-sabotage. We lead, even silently by example by not believing in our very self, even if we don’t realise or try to hide it while we raise them up so they don’t suffer as we have or do.

You must choose to step forward & say I believe in myself. 
I believe in my dreams, I believe I can, I believe YES YES YES & no one can ever make me believe otherwise.

We can all easily continue on the path of self sabotage, of filling our minds with all the doubts, lack, self loathing & criticism sparked by those in the world who know no better or who through their own pain & inability or lack of choosing differently have imposed on us & yet we must take responsibility for our part. Our part of taking it onboard & choosing to believe what is not true, what is not for our highest good, What is not what we came here believing before we allowed the world to corrupt us.

This is the easier path, but one that leads to misery & self-destruction. The unfulfillment of dreams, the life of just existing, going through the motions.

Shout out loud or just say it in your mind - I believe in myself.
NO, actually just Shout it out loud! Be proud, be excited!
State I am beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing & nothing in this world will stop me from going forward with this beautiful truth forever etched in my mind.

It’s not about putting on our big girl pants, making excuses or even sucking it up.
We have all fallen victim to the cruelty of this world, it’s harsh criticisms, it’s view on what we should look like, be like. But we can choose to say no more & look only to the beauty in this world, for it is in abundance, but as I say often it must start with you. It must start with you choosing to believe in yourself. Then the world you see & your experiences will reflect its beauty & yours. And you will move forward as the beautiful, strong, feminine, glorious woman you are, you will move mountains, you will love deeper than you ever have before, you will grow & blossom. You will impact the world in a way that is so desperately needed, by being who you truly are, by believing in yourself & leading by example.

With so much love, Karen 
The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author

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