We must STOP and START

We must STOP & START
STOP putting ourselves last
STOP comparing ourselves 
STOP taking onboard negative opinions & thoughts that have no truth in them for us, only others peoples fears & doubts
STOP thinking we’re not good enough, worthy enough, capable enough, smart enough, beautiful enough
STOP criticising ourselves so harshly
STOP doubting ourselves
STOP the self-attacks, self-sabbotage & self-loathing,
STOP worrying about things that have past & can never change
STOP future tripping into fearful thoughts based on previous experiences & know you have the power to change them, 
STOP starting & stopping when it gets a bit tough,
STOP all the nonsense that keeps us spinning, going & getting nowhere only further into a hole or pit of despair

START seeing what is true...
START believing in yourself again
START seeing yourself as you truly are; beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing
START listening to the thoughts & encouragements of those who support you, those who’ve done what you want to do, those who help lift you up & guide you,
START living each moment, focused on all that is good, all that you can do, right now, from where you are, with what you’ve got
START dreaming bigger dreams & possibilities for you & your life
START getting excited at what you can create if you put your mind to it 
START breathing, thinking, feeling, being; enough, more than enough,

Because you truly are enough,
You truly are beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing
You truly are able to change your life & see things in a much more positive, productive way. So that you begin to thrive & enjoy, I mean really enjoy & create & love & live this life you have been given.

START filling your mind today with beneficial books, teachings, mentors, support people, words & thoughts to bring into being this new way of living & 
STOP if you find yourself doubting again, feeling low or less than again. STOP & breathe for a moment & START again with the above.

How incredible to know (if you didn’t already) that you have the power, right now to START believing in you, to START living the life you desire & know you deserve!

If you don’t know where to START ask questions & re-read The STARTS above & you will soon see that you can STOP all the negativity & all the thoughts & things that are not for your highest good & do not serve you or anyone else to create & live a life you love.

What are you waiting for....
START now & STOP NOW as per the above.

You’ve got this!
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