We live busy lives in an overstimulated world. The constant noise of tv, media, Facebook, phones, iPads, laptops, gadgets & gizmos constantly feeding us chatter, gossip, do this, do that, your only worthy if you.... you could do better, try this, try that... there is an information overload. Not to mention our own minds & inner critic as our experiences, perceptions & what we choose to take onboard constantly fill our thoughts & sadly plays on repeat. We have access to soooo much stuff, now a lot of it is great but there’s a whole lot of unnecessary, unhelpful stuff out there too.

So what do you tune into?

Do you have trouble tuning out all the unnecessary, unhelpful noise, including your own thoughts?

Are you constantly distracted?

If you struggle to stay focused, on track & most importantly aren’t hearing all the ‘good stuff’ over the abundance of ‘noise’ doubts, fears, criticisms, worry & self sabotaging that goes on loud & clear then here are a few tips to help clear your mind, calm your mind & allow the ‘good stuff’ to be heard, shutting out the (as I’ve mentioned above) unnecessary, unhelpful stuff.

  1. Learn to tune into your higher self, that voice of love that is guiding you everyday - lovingly, calmly, we often just don’t hear it. Click on the link to discover how - The Ego & Your Higher Self
  2. Be present. We get so distracted that we miss so many moments. Take a moment to be Still. Look around, observe, take in the beauty that is right in front of you in the very moment you’re in. Challenge yourself to find something wonderful in the things around you.
  3. Practise meditation. There are many types of meditation, used for different purposes but the ultimate purpose is to retrain your mind. You can start by simply finding a quiet space & moment. Somewhere you can sit at the same time everyday to just focus on your breath. Breathing in & out deeply, slowly, consciously. Now if your new to this your mind will wander off (with a million thoughts; oh I need to do this, what will I do for dinner, hmm why did she say that... you catch my drift) just keep bringing it back to your breath. You can even say the words in your mind; breathe in, breathe out or use a meaningful word to you as you breath, for example repeating the word ‘relax’ or ‘life is good’. The more you practise the easier it gets to calm your mind & shut out the distractions & mind chatter. You can then practise it anywhere when you need a mind break; at your desk at work, waiting to pick the kids up, even standing in que with your eyes open.
  4. Switch off each day for awhile. Turn off your technology, your tv, phone, computers & connect with yourself, your inner thoughts, dreams and desires or connect with others with real conversations. The emails can wait, Facebook can wait as you unwind and disconnect for a moment. You can even do this using the meditation technique mentioned above or by taking a walk in nature as noted below.
  5. Take a walk in nature. Nature is healing and therapy in itself. Be amongst it, feel the warmth of the sun, the breeze, notice the trees, the flowers, even the rain. Breath it all in & enjoy one of life’s greatest gifts.
  6. Find something you love that is creative for you. Pour your energy & your focus into drawing, painting, writing, cooking, gardening - what ever it is for you that lights you up.
  7. Don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes, comments, negative experiences, they are done and you now have the opportunity and choice to let it go, to forgive yourself & free yourself to move forward, to do better, knowing you did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time. There's a wonderful analogy for this, simply put; Would you sit through a lousy movie over & over again? So why go to the lousy movies in your mind over & over... Pick a new one, better still create a new one that is positive, uplifting & beneficial for you.

We all know life is busy and seems to get busier with each passing year.

We all know we choose what we do, what we focus on, what we commit to or over commit to.

We know it but it doesn’t mean we can’t change it, because we also know we can learn to do things differently, to ask for help, to drop certain things that we don’t really want to do, to change certain things that are not for our highest good.

We can learn to shut out all the unnecessary, unhelpful noise & focus on what’s positive and productive and meaningful and ultimately what will allow us to create a life we love.

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